Sunday, May 12, 2013

Korea - Opposing Naval Forces


Japan's defence minister says promotion of U.S. troops in East Asia is sensed capable to deter North Korea.

On the occasion of U.S. aircraft carrier Nimitz reaching the coast of South Korea for joint U.S. - South Korean naval exercises, the Japanese minister of defence made his declaration in favor of U.S. troops in East Asia.

In the frame of these exercises, the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group will be using a seaborne aviation wing (CVW) and a seaborne combat group (CSG). [Flagship USS Nimitz] is accompanied by USS Princeton [CLV-23, a light aircraft carrier] and other ship(s) equipped with the AEGIS combat system [a sophisticated early-warning system] while the South Korean side has deployed its 7.600 ton AEGIS-equipped destroyer "Sejongdaewang" together with another 5.500 ton destroyer. Both, U.S. and South Korean AEGIS ships will be primarily engaged in missile survey and anti-submarine exercises.


[Source: China News Network 中国新闻网 on May 12, 2013]


Here now a graphic presentation of all kinds of North Korean navy units and that should be complete according to a Canadian source. Unfortunately, their own website is practically impossible to load while using a slow internet connection. This is due to incredibly huge graphic files which I "melted down" to some 100-200 kb GIF files in order to facilitate their distribution:

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