Thursday, November 08, 2012

U.S.A. - Back to Business

The complete results of U.S. presidential elections being barely known, the world is back to business again. Due to different factors essential stock markets in the U.S.A., in Europe and Asia have gone down.

As usual, U.S. commentators are putting the blame on difficulties in the Eurozone (Germany's economic slowdown, violent protest in Athens following the presentation of a 17 bn $ austerity plan, a high-ranking comment from Brussels).

Yet, there are U.S. related problems as well: On top of it is the so-called "fiscal cliff" of 600 bn $ that has to be dealt with immediately by the old / new president who now needs to reach a bargain with his Republican opposition in the House of Representatives on "Capital Hill". Stagnation in the reduction of U.S. unemployment and the unwillingness of many tax payers to carry more are further items needed to be considered. - However, Obama finally got rid of "Monopoly Man" Mitt Romney which makes it much easier for him to do his job.

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