Sunday, November 04, 2012

U.S. Elections - Some Facts to Remember

Looking through Google images on Obamacare I found lots and lots of images opposing President Obama's goal to implement a healthcare reform that enables every U.S. citizen to receive medical care. As a citizen of the European Community I know how such state promoted health systems are working - and I can say they are still working rather efficiently. Despite some shortcomings providing the stuff for occasional newspaper headlines, people in Britain, Germany and France are generally served well by state-controlled healthcare. So why all that fuss about Obamacare which is not so much different ?

Britain's entirely state-run healthcare system can serve as an example how things are running in the "old world". Maybe the following link might give you the idea that "different" does not necessarily imply the meaning of "worse" Is Britain's Health-Care System Really That Bad?

The above scheme of words associated with presidential candidate Mitt Romney in public discussions might give you an idea how that candidate is being considered by many U.S. voters and journalists. Maybe that will help you to get to your personal decision on election day.
I would have provided a similar scheme for Obama if I had found one. However, let me guess, it would be totally different not only due to the vocabulary he has to use in the frame of his daily duties as a president.


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