Wednesday, November 28, 2012

China's Aircraft Carrier - Latest News

On November 26, Chinese and Western media reported the first flight operation on board of China's brandnew aircraft carrier "Liaoning". That event was troubled by the sudden death of the responsible commander of seaborne fighter jets, Luo Yang, who had died the day before from a heart attack at the age of 51.

According to Chinese sources, the final configuration of the "Liaoning" should comprise 50 fighter jets and helicopters:

26 dual-engine Chinese fighter jets Qian-15 ( also known as C-15 or Shenyang J-15 and purportedly comparable to U.S. F-18 jets).
20 helicopters equipped for anti-submarine combat.
4 helicopters used as an early-warning system.

According to Western sources, the "Liaoning" will not be fully operational before 2013. While that carrier has been constructed on the hull of an abandoned Soviet carrier, the "Varyag", same Western sources are saying that another Chinese aircraft carrier should already be in construction, being entirely built on Chinese parts.

Further information can be found on another blogspot of mine dealing with the inauguration of China's first aircraft carrier.

The below poster reveals detailed technical data. Carrier "Liaoning" should therefore be smaller in size than U.S. Nimitz-class carriers which make up as the ultimate and most sophisticated "dinosaurs" of the seas:


The Impact of Middle Eastern Developments on
the Distribution of Visitors to "Blueprint News"

While dealing with the daily visitor statistics of "blueprint news", I noticed that some of my recent blogspots brought about lots of additional visitors. These visitors referred to such news items dealing with a probable war on Iran, the proceedings of Egypt's president Morsy and the current Ghaza conflict. All those subjects are interrelated within a wider frame that comprises relations between Israel, Palestine and Egypt as well as some kind of ubiquitous Islamic resistance against a U.S.-Israeli alliance that is allegedly threatening the world of Islam in general and the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the people of Palestine in detail.

No wonder that visitors from Israel and the surrounding countries are increasingly interested in such frame of interrelated items as can be seen from their regional distribution below:

Please note: The maps on this site are showing visitor access points that can be activated by one or more visitors according to their individual specifications. There are general access points for a certain country / region or specific access points enabling the identification of a single visitor. Visitors using address tags like ".com" or ".net" instead of country tags cannot be detected. All local visitor signs are referring to the last 200 registered visitors. Visits dating back more than two weeks have not been included.

Above: Visitor access point activated from Jerusalem
(subject of interest: Egypt's new president Morsy)

Visitors from Northern Pakistan are showing a similar distribution for their subjects of interest together with an unusual increase in the number of visits:

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