Monday, November 12, 2012

Mali - West African States Targeting Al-Qaeda

مالي ترحب بنشر قوة دولية لكنس القاعدة شمال البلاد

Mali welcomes the deployment of an international force to "sweep" Al-Qaeda from the north of the country.

باماكو - رحب المسؤولون في مالي الاثنين بقرار قادة دول غرب أفريقيا بإرسال 3300 جندي للإطاحة بالمتمردين الإسلاميين من شمال الدولة ، والذي ينتظر قرارا من الأمم المتحدة

Bamako - On Monday [November 12], responsible [circles] in Mali welcome the decision of West African leaders to send 3.300 troops in order to [repulse] Islamic rebels from the north of the country. [That decision] is now awaiting [an approval] by the United Nations.

وقال وزير دفاع مالي ، الكولونيل ياموسا كامارا ، لوكالة الأنباء الألمانية إن خطط القيام بعملية بقيادة أفريقية للإطاحة بالمتطرفين "واضحة الآن"ـ

The defence minister of Mali, Colonel Yamousa Kamara, told the German Press Agency [i.e. DPA] that plannings [are under way] for the execution of an operation under African leadership in order to [repulse] the extremists "precisely [that time]".

Editor' Note:
The African troops should comprise soldiers from 13-15 ECOWAS countries. The Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) is a regional group of 15 countries, founded in 1975 in order to promote economic development in the region. Yesterday, November 11, national leaders decided during their meeting in Abuja, Nigeria, to sent troops to Mali.

[Source: Al-Arab Online العرب اونلاين on November 12 and Al-Jazeera, Arabic service, on November 11, 2012]

Above: Al-Qaeda troopers in Northern Mali

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