Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Chinese Cadres: You Name Him - We Find Him ! - (Except Bo XiLai)

On the occasion of the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of China CPC taking place in Beijing these days, there is a brandnew search engine making it easy to find Communist Party cadres within seconds. I tested it with the names and positions of some regional officials. What should I say - it really works !

Part of the database information on China's new strongman Xi JinPing 习近平 can be seen below. Xi is expected to take over from Communist Party chief Hu Jin Tao and become China's new president as well:

The only one I did not find on that new search engine was former Communist Party chief of Chongqing, Mr. Bo XiLai 薄熙来:

All you should know about him can be found in an article launched by BBC London today November 6, 2012:

Please note: The above article has been shortened.

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