Friday, November 23, 2012

Kairo - " March of the 2 Million "

After Egypt's president Mohammed Morsi issued a constitutional decree widening his presidential powers, thousands took to the streets of Kairo, either in favour (above picture) or in opposition of that decree. On the occasion, Morsi fired the prosecutor general who is being regarded as a relic of former president Mubarak's rule and considered to have hampered criminal prosecution of former regime officials. Morsi already tried to sack the prosecutor general earlier in October but failed because he was lacking the power to do so.

Two prominent leaders of the opposition and a member of the Lawyer's Syndicate called for a "march of the 2 million" to force Morsi's return to the "path of legality" (below picture from left to right: Mohammed El Baradei, founder of the Constitutional Party, Sameh Ashour, head of the Lawyer's Syndicate, and Amr Moussa, former secretary-general of the Arab League).

قوى سياسية مصرية تعلن معارضتها لقرارات الرئيس المصري الأخيرة في مؤتمر صحفي بمقر حزب الوفد

Political forces in Egypt announce their opposition against the last decrees of Egypt's president on a press conference at the site of the Wafd Party.

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