Friday, October 08, 2010

Pakistan - NATO supply lines endangered

Update October 9, 2010, for the above image !

While NATO supply lines from Pakistan to Afghanistan are breaking down because of local insurgents regularly torching truck convoys, one question becomes more and more important:
Who is really in control of the frontier region between both countries ? Now, the Arabic channel of Al-Jazeera dealt with that subject in one of their features "Behind the News" [Al-Jazeera, Arabic Channel, October 7, 2010].

It seems that a network of local Islamists can be seen behind all those operations endangering NATO supplies. They have named themselves the "Network for the Splendid Belief's Rescue".

The essential features of that organization are as follows:

- The network examines the leaders of the Mujahidin.

- It cares for their sons by "enlightening their belief" in their daily actions

- All of its operations are restricted to the North of Waziristan.

- The network is providing a striking force of 3.000 to 4.000 men.

- It is in control of the tribal areas.

- The network is connected with Al-Qaeda and Pakistan's national security service.

- It is responsible for most specific operations.

- The network's essential aim is to launch attacks at the U.S. in Waziristan.

In their feature, Al-Jazeera separately questioned Abdussalam Daif, the former Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, and Marvin Weinbaum, a former U.S. diplomate in Afghanistan, both live from Kabul and Washington.

Further news of the day:

مقتل 15 شخصا بينهم حاكم ولاية قندوز في تفجير بولاية تاخار شمال أفغانستان

In Afghanistan, the governor of Kunduz province was killed together with 14 others in an attack launched by the Taliban. A sergeant of the German troup contingent equally lost his life.

We recently heard that U.S. General Petraeus had asked the German government to increase their troup contingent in Afghanistan. As the full number of 5.000 soldiers, agreed by German parliament (Bundestag) to support the North Atlantic Alliance in Afghanistan, has not been reached by now, the U.S. request will most probably be dealt with by German Defence Minister zu Guttenberg who could sent some additional troops without delay.

Update, October 9, 2010:
While I'm working on my newsblog, another 30 NATO fuel trucks bound for Afghanistan have been set on fire by the above mentioned Pakistani insurgents (first picture above and video below).

Additional information about insurgents torching Nato supply trucks is available on another blog of mine. !

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Osama Bin Laden - Latest News

Within the last few days, two audio messages from Bin Laden have been received. They are dealing with subjects like the climate catastrophe and missing help from the Arabic nations for Pakistani victims of the recent flood disaster. As to the second message, critisizing half-hearted aiding efforts in Pakistan, an Australian anti-terror specialist describes it as "hypocritical". International media therefore interpret both messages as a mere trial to attract a new brand of Al-Qaeda followers.

Those are the first messages from Bin Laden since March 2010 when death penalty was to be executed on Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, the man behind the attacks of September 11, 2001. It is estimated that both letters are inspired by Al-Qaeda's No.2, Ayman Zawahiri.

Further information is available from Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya

ابن لادن ينتقد جهود الإغاثة في باكستان عبر رسالة صوتية جديدة

Saturday, October 02, 2010

ECUADOR - President Saved from Coup d'État

Today, president Correa of Ecuador became the target of an attempted coup d'état carried out by several armed men. The shooting took place in front of a police hospital in the northern part of Quito. Correa was saved by special forces and the coup was put down leaving three persons dead.

A majority of Latin-American leaders condemned the coup directed against Ecuador's elected president Correa. Venezuela's foreign minister Maduro and Argentine's president Cristina Fernández were among the first voices to be heard. This is a very important incident as Ecuador makes part of a new Latin-American Alliance founded between nations that are ruled by socialist governments.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

NORTH KOREA - The New Leader ?

On September 29, foreign media reported that Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, had introduced his son Kim Jong-Un as his successor. The day before, the North Korean news agency had already mentioned Kim Jong-Un on their website as a vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission after a reorganization of that commission. International media reported that Kim Jong-Un had been declared a general of the North Korean armed forces.

Kim Jong-Il's son became known to insiders while he attended the International School of Berne, Switzerland, (ISB) during the 1990s (1993 or 1994). At that time, he called himself Chol Pak. Kim Jong-Un arrived together with Kwang Chung, another North Korean and probably his bodyguard at that time. [Source: Memories of a former classmate at ISB.]

The Black Comment
Sounds a bit like the James Bond film "Die Another Day" that dealt with a couple of terrorists, the corrupted son of a high-ranking North Korean general and his friend and bodyguard, both eager to change the world order. By the way, the Royal Charity World Premiere of "Die Another Day" was held on November 18, 2002, at London's Royal Albert Hall, in the presence of Bond's "employer" Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of England, if that was to imply any secret meaning ...

It cannot be excluded that son Kim Jong Un later became a demanding playboy while living in the West. At least, same thing was said about his father, Kim Jong Il, during the days of his youth [fake photo but credible fact !].

Referring to the presumptuous propaganda of North Korean TV, here is a fake report on the latest project of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il: Bringing the moon to North Korea.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fidel Castro on Nuclear War

Latest news from "el comandante" Fidel Castro: Castro delivers a speech on the disastrous global effects of a nuclear war. He directs himself at an assembly of Japanese peace activists among which a survivor of the Hiroshima bomb tells Castro about her own nuclear nightmare. The speech was broadcast by CUBAVISION TV on September 23, 2010. According to Cuba's national daily "Diario Granma" it had been recorded two days before, on Tuesday September 21, when Castro met with 600 members
of the Japanese "Peace Crusade" (Crucero por la Paz).

Mrs. Watanabe tells Castro how she and her family experienced the Hiroshima bomb. Staying in the rear part of their house at the time of the explosion she was able to survive. Her father, just back from his nightshift at Hiroshima, could even watch the plane that dropped the bomb. It circled over their heads.

In his speech, Fidel Castro is citing a Western scientist who predicted a global climate disaster even if only 100 of the existing 25.000 nuclear arms were going off. This could happen in the frame of a regional nuclear conflict, between, lets say, India and Pakistan. The bombings of one single hour might therefore result in some kind of "nuclear winter" characterized by very low temperatures and the total absence of sunlight. Thus, the nourishment for about one billion people could not be produced any longer. He asks himself how many people really knew about those consequences that were awaiting them after such regional conflict.

It should be remembered that Castro only recently reappeared on the political stage and in uniform on September 3 when he warned the international community about a nuclear war that might be triggered off as a consequence of the actual conflict between Iran and the West.

Obviously, Castro is having some difficulties while speaking. But it is not his brain that doesn't function normally as he speaks rather fluently and rarely looks at his notes. Disturbing pauses in his speech are only related to the time needed for translation. It even seems that Castro is getting more vigorous during his speech, increasing his speed until he "overtakes" his highly skilled translator. I remember having heard that Fidel Castro, in his best years, rarely spoke for less than three hours. This time it was only one single hour, still too long for a well-educated European politician, acquainted to restrict himself to one quarter of an hour whatever the subject might be. Let's say, one more time "el comandante Fidel" convinced us of being alive and unwilling to die.

The BBC video of September 3, when Castro unexpectedly appeared to hold a speech at the University of Havana, showed Cuban students who expressed much sympathy for their 84 years old leader despite all those problems that are actually haunting the people of Cuba. This was not a "last waving of the flag" as we know it from East Germany's organized youth being confronted with their stiffly acting leader Erich Honecker at the state's 40th anniversary in 1989 when Honecker was just 77 years old. This was quite different !

Saturday, September 18, 2010

AFGHANISTAN - Happy Elections

September 18:
On the first day of the general elections in Afghanistan, more than 200 acts of intimidation by the Taliban have been observed. Afghanistan's president Karzai is among the lucky voters who remain undisturbed by Taliban insurgents.

Detailed News:

- Detonation in a voting center of Jalalabad, the capital of Nanghrahar province in Eastern Afghanistan. Armed Taliban press citizens to refrain from voting.

- The Taliban launch some attacks in Kabul and provide obstacles in order to intimidate voters.

The Day Before

The following video was published one day before the general elections in Afghanistan. It includes the following features:
- Taliban approaching a public building in order to post up their proclamation opposing the elections.
- A traffic hold-up by the Taliban.
- President Karzai and a traffic hold-up by Afghan police in Kabul.

The Doomed Elections

Millions of fake identity cards, made in Pakistan, will probably influence the general election results in Afghanistan. One election nominee, representing Nanghrahar province that is bordering Pakistan, sees Pakistani Security behind that fraud. He, therefore, demands the national elections being postponed until this problem has been solved.

This might be one of the subjects Afghan president Karzai will put on the agenda during his visit to Islamabad which began shortly before the elections on September 15.

On September 15 and only some days ahead of the national elections in Afghanistan, an Al-Jazeera special "Behind the News" was dedicated to the following subject:
A continuously appearing phenomenon: The boycott of elections in
the Arabic World on behalf of the opposition parties which is called
a "command of retreat" by the governments involved.

A suicide bomber among the Taliban waiting for his order of engagement. According to his military commander, he should be activated during the general elections in Afghanistan that are planned to take place next week.
Source: Al-Jazeera, September 8, 2010.

Because of a general degradation of public security in Afghanistan and in the aftermath of an al-Qaeda attack on the Central Bank of Afghanistan on June 17, worried account holders in Kabul want their money back. Therefore, the National Bank has been temporarily closed. Furious clients are held back by security personnel.
Source: Al-Jazeera, September 8, 2010.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

September 11 - A Controversial Memorial

U.S.A. - 11 September 2010
A Controversial Memorial
Dividing Religious Groups

This very year, the end of the holy month of Ramadan falls on September 11 memorial day. That's why both Christian and Muslimic communities in the United States are under high tension. While discussions about the plannings of an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in N.Y. are still inciting much controversy among U.S. citizens, the proclamation of a blockheaded clergyman to burn a Coran on September 11 is raising much fear among U.S. Muslims. Instead of making September 11 a day of reconciliation between Christians and Muslims, it should be made the annual "Burn a Coran Day" according to some intolerant white Americans.

For more information on this subject, try one of my other blogs including News from the Arabic World

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Suicide Bomber's Biography

السيرة المنتجر الإرهابي

A Suicide Bomber's Biography

In 2009, an Indonesian youngster blew himself up in a Jakarta hotel, killing himself and five others. Here's a background report that shows how a militant Islamist turned an innocent boy into a suicide bomber. The techniques of such procedure become clear when we learn about the dramatic situation that boy's family was in and about his isolation that drove him into the arms of criminal Islamists. Having made friends with a cleric who offered sympathy and guidance, he soon accepted him as a moral guide who was able to fully replace his parents. A constant brainwashing under close supervision separated this boy from any other person of common sense up to the very last second of his life.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afghanistan - Dramatic Rise in Civilian Casualties

According to the UN, civilian casualties in Afghanistan increased during the last 12 months by 31%. This is mainly due to increased fighting between the Taliban and allied troops. Allied airstrikes are seen as an essential reason for civilian deaths. On the other hand, the Taliban are reported to cause five civilian casualties for every allied soldier they kill. At the same time, the death rate of allied soldiers peaked during the last 12 months. Just another sign that the war in Afghanistan is far from being won by the "Western Crusaders".

Part 2 of the video deals with an Afghan child-soldier who was arrested in 2002 at the age of 15. Omar Khadr is now expected to be put to trial at Guantanamo Camp for having killed one U.S. soldier with a grenade.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Afghanistan - Proof of Friendly Fire Killings

NEWS UPDATE on Taliban activity, August 7, 2010:
The attack on a medical team in Northern Afghanistan and that left 10 foreign specialists dead (one German citizen among them) was carried out by the Taliban because of alleged "evangelization efforts" of those foreigners. The Taliban's proclamation was reported by the Arabian service of Al-Jazeera while Western TV stations are still uncertain about the origin of the attack. Uncertainties are based upon the unclear situation of tribal influence and criminal activities of local gangs in that remote area. The medical aid organization concerned is known as a Christian organization but without any ambition of missionary activity.

Wikileaks recently published a document that is said to prove that four Canadian servicemen in Afghanistan died from "Friendly Fire" by U.S. troops rather than during their combat with the Taliban. The incident took place in September 2006. Official U.S. military sources still deny any mistake committed by their troops, saying that a jet fighter bomb was dropped near the Canadians only after their deaths and didn't even go off.

Yet, the "Friendly Fire Affair" is not the only subject revealed by Wikileaks. According to Al-Jazeera TV (English Channel) and Al-Manar (Hezbollah TV), about 90.000 classified military files on Afghanistan have been published by Wikileaks. This material includes detailed military expenditure lists for all kinds of weaponry and other military equipment.

In fact, the overall number of documents available should be even higher than the reported 90.000. About 15.000 documents have been held back because they contain the names of Wikileaks' informants.

After Wikileaks' publication, Pentagon officials find themselves in a difficult situation. U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates appealed to the media to refrain from publishing the contents of certain military files obtained from Wikileaks in order not to endanger the lives of Afghan informants mentioned. According to Al-Manar, Afghanistan's President Karzai already condemned the latest publication by Wikileaks as "irresponsible and shocking".

Even though Wikileaks didn't name their informants, suspicion has fallen on serviceman Bradley Manning who is now on his way from Kuwait to a military prison in Virginia, U.S.A., where he will be charged with delivering defence information to an unauthorized source.

One of 90.000 U.S. Mysteries

To illustrate what Wikileaks revealed, here is one U.S. report for all.
(3432.645N06918.735E). JAWEED WAS APPREHENDED AT 1000HRS
ON 12 JAN 04 AND TAKEN BEFORE THE 15TH KANDAK (i.e. battalion)

The Logic of War:
Private Lee's Letter to his Parents

The following underground video was originally published by the Islamic Army in Iraq, despite its name a rather nationalist organization operating in Baghdad and in the Al-Anbar region of Iraq. The video is primarily based on material found on the laptop of a U.S. soldier who died in the explosion of his armoured vehicle. Soldier Lee's letter to his parents is followed by a preset interview with another U.S. soldier named "John Smith" and who should be an anti-war activist in New York. Even though some kind of anti-U.S. propaganda, the video obviously reflects second thoughts, U.S. soldiers in Iraq are developing towards their mission in the Middle East. It should be noted that this video came into being in 2006 when the war in Iraq was still conducted by the late Bush administration and any repatriation of U.S. troops was far from being in sight. I found this video in the archives of Al-Arabiya TV and consider it worth being preserved as a historic document because it fits with the general opinion on U.S. war in Iraq as expressed by international media as well as a majority of citizens of all countries involved in that war.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

U.S. Financial Reform Bill

Obama Now Taking On Wallstreet

Today, U.S. President Obama has launched a bill that is intended to regulate the financial market in the aftermath of the financial crisis. His four point initiative will include the following features:

- Power to the government of breaking up companies

- Rules implemented to reduce risk-taking

- Powerful watchdog for the government to identify threats

- Consumer protection agency planned

A comment by James Henry, U.S. economist and author, is showing his evaluation of Obama's giant bill that comprises more than 2.000 pages.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Iran / U.S. - The Amiri Affair

Latest UPDATE further down !

Abduction or Defection ?

After Shahram Amiri, leading scientist of the Iranian nuclear programme, disappeared during his pilgrimage to Mecca in 2009, the Iranian government openly accused U.S. intelligence of having abducted one of their most prominent experts. In the time following, different videos appeared on the internet about the abduction which should have been carried out by U.S. and Saudi intelligence. Those videos are partly related to Shahram Amiri himself.
Now, Amiri obviously reappeared in the Embassy of Pakistan, right in the middle of Washington DC, where he was "dropped at the backdoor". According to a foreign ministry spokesman in Islamabad, Amiri is expected to travel back to his country as soon as Iranian officials have arranged his safe return. In one of his messages to the world he pretended to having fled from his U.S. guards and was now making his way through the federal state of Virginia.

Report from

Al-Jazeera made Amiri's reappearance a subject of the day. You can read the English language article and look at the news video of Al-Jazeera's Arabic channel that was registered in order to provide material for an overall analysis of the incident.

The video is showing Amiri at the time of an interview that has been preserved in the archives of Al-Jazeera. Furthermore, an Iranian writer and political analyst is giving his comment on the Amiri affair directly from Teheran. It should be noted that even a journalist like him, considered to be independent, uses the appropriate religious formula to introduce his comment "in the name of Allah", just like any official Iranian broadcasting service does.

قالت الإذاعة الإيرانية اليوم الثلاثاء إن العالم النووي الإيراني المفقود شهرام أميري لجأ إلى سفارة باكستان في واشنطن حيث مكتب شعبة المصالح الإيرانية في الولايات المتحدة، وأنه طلب العودة فورا إلى بلاده


Having learnt much about CIA proceedings during the past decades, I tend to believe the story as just another proof of professional incompetence. Nevertheless, it makes sense to argue that Amiri was nothing else but a defector who had reason enough to leave his country early before a long expected military showdown might turn his working place into a premium target for all kinds of U.S. missiles. Considering the typical biography of people who once studied abroad, almost free from political and religious constraint, it becomes understandable that such people rather tend to choose their own destinity than wait for it. The Iranian regime, on the other hand, leaves little hope for less pressure on its subjects and for a more reasonable foreign policy. So, lets better leave it like that, and lets U.S. intelligence take the blame for all of the story. They deserved it anyway ... !

UPDATE July 18, 2010

Shahram Amiri returned to Teheran and informed the press about what he calls "his abduction in the frame of U.S. pressure to make him confess being a member of the Iranian state security". If he had confessed, he would have been used in a "spy swap that should have freed three U.S. agents".

According to a press briefing held by U.S. State Department official Crowley, those three American citizens should be regarded as "nothing else but hikers who passed an unmarked border by chance". Their "safe return was therefore expected to be only a matter of time after Amiri's return of his own free will".

By the way, it should be remembered that U.S. authorities earlier offered a sum of five million dollars for essential information on the Iranian nuclear programme. On this subject there was no further information available in the frame of the Amiri case. Though, Iranian state security might ask some unpleasant questions sooner or later.

At the same time, an interesting voice made itself heard from Cuba where old Fidel Castro appeared on TV and spoke about "the danger of nuclear warfare coming in sight when Western pressure on Iran will be further increased". Maybe, there sounds "his old master's voice" from Moscow that is, even today, far from accepting increased U.S. influence in its Central Asian backyard. The proof: Russia still provides modern weaponry to Iran (even including cruise-missiles) and has offered to ship enriched uranium to his Iranian partner in order to soften the political tensions between Teheran and the Western world.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Iraq - Preparation for the Big Exit

As planned by the Obama administration, the pulling back of U.S. troops from Iraq should begin by the end of August. Yet, preparations for the big exit have already begun. In what is called the "world's hugest garage sell" the U.S. army is trying to get rid of material it cannot and will not take back. Iraqi citizens are now searching what we would call the waste of a retiring army in order to find something useable.
"Lucky" Ibrahim for instance was able to buy a former army latrine at low cost which he turned into a new home for himself and his family after a double loss of home in 2003 and 2004 during the fightings that took place in Falluja. Facing a political situation in Iraq that is still unstable, Ibrahim's personal fate still remains shaky and might serve as an example for the cynicism of war.

In the Heat of Civil War:
The casualties from a series of bomb attacks targeting Shiite pilgrims during the past 24 hours in Baghdad rose to 54 killed and some 359 others injured, an Interior Ministry spokesman told New China Agency on Thursday, July 8, 2010.
On July 9, the medium temperature for the Baghdad area was reported to be about 51°C (Al-Jazeera weather report).
Remember: The very day the U.S. finally left Vietnam and flew out their personnel in a hurry, American Forces Radio in Saigon constantly announced high temperatures while playing all sorts of Christmas songs ...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Afghanistan - The War is Lost !

Afghanistan - The War is Lost !

Whoever would have imagined that U.S. forces might pay their enemies to refrain from attack ? Its not just like that but reality is very near to it. At least, it has become known that U.S. taxpayer's money is flowing into the pockets of certain Afghan landlords who, in exchange, ensure safe transportation through difficult regions. Now, there are many more who consider the war in Afghanistan as being lost. Here's just another analysis of the current situation provided by RT News, a TV station in Moscow that is controlled by U.S. citizens based in Russia:

Hot Greetings from the Taliban

The day of his arrival in Kabul, the Taliban offered a "very hot welcome" to General David Petraeus, the new military commander in Afghanistan after the dismission of General Stanley McChrystal by U.S. President Obama. In an unprecedented attack on an U.S. aid center in Kunduz, up to now a rather quiet area, the Taliban made it clear that they would never tolerate any U.S. presence in their country.

The Afghan "Volkssturm" Now Engaging

In the region of Kandahar a new militia has been founded that sees its task in the restoration of civil order among much military and political disorder. Members of that militia are Pashtun residents armed with AK-47 and RPG. Each of them is wearing a coloured ribbon to make him look different from a Taliban fighter. The leader of that group is cooperating with local Afghan police. In an interview with Al-Jazeera's Arabic channel, a speaker of Afghanistan's human rights organization praises that institution (July 2010).

And what about Al-Qaeda ?

Originally, the war in Afghanistan was intended to fight Bin Laden's organization Al-Qaeda, held responsible for the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Since then, Al-Qaeda has found its way into many Muslimic countries like Pakistan and Morocco where it enjoys much support among young people. As it cannot be compared with any other military, political or religious organization whatsoever because of its open structure that enables a high flexibility in action, U.S. warfare still fails to subdue that kind of enemy and often hits out at innocent civilians who then tend to become new supporters of a radical Islamic movement that is nourishing Al-Qaeda.

Most recent news (July 4, 2010):
After increased activities of Al-Qaeda's North-African branch in Algeria and Mali, the government of Mali now allowed Algerian troops to hunt down Al-Qaeda insurgents on its own territory. To get a picture of Al-Qaeda's new power, you ought to look at the attached video. It is about eleven Algerian soldiers who lost their lives in an ambush. Another four soldiers were wounded in the same incident.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Amnesty International Blame U.S. Attack on Civilians

Amnesty International publish pictures of civilian victims who died in a missile attack on an alleged Al-Qaeda camp in Yemen. Many women and children are among the 50 civilians who lost their lives in the attack and that had been carried out using Tomahawk cruise missiles, parts of which can still be identified as of U.S. origin. The incident caused debates within the Yemenite parliament and finally led to an official condemnation by Amnesty International.

Similar attacks have been frequently reported from the tribal region of Waziristan which is situated in Northern Pakistan. Those attacks usually result in high death tolls among the civilian population while their efficiency in the so-called fight against terrorism has rarely been confirmed.

Pictures of the Yemen attack are available on a video, taken from an Al-Jazeera special "Behind the News", published by the Arabic channel of Al-Jazeera.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

AFGHANISTAN - Kabul Talks with the Taliban

Important UPDATES further down !

Today, the Afghan "Peace Jirga", a meeting of 1500 tribal leaders, decided to endorse President Karzai's plan for direct talks with the Taliban. After a secret meeting between representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban and which took place in the Republic of the Maldives recently, there is now new hope for the Karzai administration to survive by inciting a kind of peace process, based on the idea of neutralizing moderate groups of the Taliban. Nevertheless, the conflict is far from reaching its end as militant groups of the Taliban are not willing to get into talks with Kabul before all foreign troops leave the country.

BACKGROUND - Secret meeting on the Maldives
This secret meeting had already been planned in London in the first half of February 2010, whereupon, according to People's Daily Online (PR China), the French Press Agency AFP published some basic information on February 17. The meeting between President Karzai's special envoyee and seven persons that are closely related to the Taliban was to be held in a luxury hotel on the Maldives without any representatives of the Maldivian government (or even without their knowledge).
Comment: An Invitation to Paradise
As it seems to be a Big Spender's invitation to paradise to smoothen rough things, you should always keep in mind: You might be able to prepare the stage, but you can't predict the outcome of the drama ! Ulysses

For additional information and a description of recent events, please, refer to my latest Afghanistan blog post. Further material has been presented in another blog post of mine dealing with the retreat of U.S. troops from a difficult region.

UPDATE June 5, 2010:

A poor statement on "Peace Jirga" results from the
U.S. DEPARTMENT of STATE, as represented by:

Philip J. Crowley
Assistant Secretary

Daily Press Briefing
Washington, DC
June 4 (local date!)

QUESTION: Do you have any comment about President Karzai’s loya jirga – peace jirga?

MR. CROWLEY: I think the Embassy put out a statement on that. I think we will continue to support the Afghan-led efforts on reconciliation and reintegration. We thought the peace jirga accomplished its objectives and has provided some – a national consensus to pursue a political strategy to reduce the danger posed by the insurgency. And we will be – continue to support Afghanistan as it goes forward.

UPDATE June 7, 2010:

U.S. forces announce that at least 10 servicemen were killed in one of Afghanistan's most bloodiest days up to now. [Al-Jazeera].
Two days later, a German source spoke of 12 servicemen killed and referred to the last incident of that kind in 2008. [W.W.]

Monday, May 31, 2010

NORTH KOREA - On the Brink of War - GERMANY

While South Korea, China and Japan are struggling for a common position in the affair of the sunken South Korean warship, North Korea is far from acknowledging its supposed role in this affair. Instead, North Korean TV is launching stances of an immediate war between the two countries if only a single provocation whatsoever follows preceding accusations from Seoul. China is yet undecided how to react. In the frame of a long alliance with North Korea during Cold War times, Prime Minister Wen Jia Bao finds it hard to support the South Korean position together with all the consequences this might include. [BBC World News, Al-Jazeera TV, May 30, 2010]

Video: North Korean TV threatening South Korea and independant reports from BBC and Al-Jazeera.

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German Government under Pressure

June 2, 2010: Today's opinion poll shows that 51% of German citizens accept President Koehler's decision to resign from his office. Most German sources acknowledge Koehler's fundamental intention to become a president of the people.

Another problem to handle for German Chancellor Merkel after local elections in Nordrhein-Westfalen where the voters of Germany's federal state second in size voted for a 10% loss of the chancellor's party and a change of the local government.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kabul: Taliban attack biggest US base in Baghram

Latest UPDATE further down !

الناتو: مقتل 7 مسلحين وجرح 5 جنود من الحلف بهجوم استهدف قاعدة باغرم الجوية بأفغانستان

Today, the Taliban launched an attack on Baghram airfield, Kabul, the biggest US air force base in Afghanistan. Seven armed insurgents are reported to be killed while five NATO soldiers have been wounded.

Al-Jazeera (Arabic channel) reporting on 19 May 2010 (Baghram and Kandahar incidents; President Karzai, once again, deliberating on terrorism).

Same day:
Taliban declare six NATO soldiers died during attack in Kandahar.

طالبان تقول إن الهجوم في قندهار أسفر عن قتل 6 من جنود الناتو

Al-Jazeera has the news of secret talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban starting on May 20 and lasting for some days. Those talks are held in the Republic of the Maldives.

Further news from Al-Jazeera:

The Taliban assume responsibility for bringing down a plane with 36 NATO soldiers on board and who should have died in the crash (May 21).

Public demonstrations in Afghanistan denouncing
military operations of foreign troops

(Al-Jazeera / Arabic website / May 15, 2010)

مظاهرات بأفغانستان تندد بعمليات القوات الأجنبية

Excerpts from the Arabic text, translated by Ulysses / W.W.:

Al-Jazeera's correspondent in Afghanistan was told by a Taliban speaker
that four policemen died in a trap that had been originally designed to
hit Taliban forces who were then targeted by police cars. ............
He added that four women had been wounded by a rocket. ...............
Another 11 civilians died in an assault of foreign troops.

The war awaiting Kandahar
(Al-Jazeera / English website / May 22, 2010)

Original text cited:

For now, let’s face up to reality. Bad days are awaiting Afghanistan. True, it is hard to imagine how Afghanistan’s misfortunes could possibly get any worse. But they will, particularly for those living in Kandahar in the south. Seated next to Karazi during his Washington visit, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised that her country will “not destroy Kandahar in order to save Kandahar."

The statement may sound assuring, but it is in fact ominous and very troubling. Clinton was referring to the Bush administration’s policy in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, she candidly admitted this by saying, “This is not Fallujah,” referring to the Iraqi city which was almost completely destroyed in 2004 by a massive U.S. Marine assault intended to ‘save’ the city. “Lessons have been learned since Iraq,” stated Clinton.

But if lessons were truly learned, then why the fictitious language, the silly assertion that the real intention is to in fact ‘save’ Kandahar? And what other strategy does the U.S. have in store for Afghanistan, aside from the irritating debate on whether to use unmanned drones or do the killing face to face?

UPDATE May 29, 2010:

U.S. death toll reaching 1.000 of U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan. [Al-Jazeera]

BBC video of January 18 attack on Kabul center
(January 18, 2010)

Arabic anti-war site citing international media on Afghanistan

Rich choice of videos on NATO and Taliban proceedings

Friday, May 07, 2010

UK ELECTIONS 2010 - Political Landslide

- Final results of the UK elections 2010 [German National TV, Channel 2] -
After 30 years of one-party rule over Britain, a coalition with the Liberal Democrats seems to be the only way for, either, Labour or Conservatives to form a stable government.

- Election day 2010, results at midnight [BBC] -

Heavy losses (-94 parliamentary seats) for governing Labour Party and Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The Conservative Party enjoys a +95 of seats and is therefore expected to be 21 seats short of an overall majority. Changes accompanied by disturbances to the poll because of technical reasons (election centers running out of ballot papers or voters' lists being inacccurate).

Friday, April 30, 2010

UK ELECTIONS 2010 - Changing Aspects

United Kingdom General Election on May 6, 2010

For the first time at a British election, the three main party leaders are engaged in a series of televised debates, modelled on the debates held in US presidential elections. That makes it far easier for the Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg to get his audience. During those debates, Clegg's poll ratings have risen to the point where many are considering the possibility of a Liberal Democrat role in Government.

This must be seen in front of an old-fashioned parliamentary system where a so-called "first-past-the-post" electoral system is employed in elections. The name being derived from horse racing means nothing else but: That candidate receiving the highest number of votes among his competitors will be declared the winner. As a consequence, the governing party tends to enjoy a large majority in the House of Commons, and there is often limited need to compromise with other parties. That's why the word "coalition government" seems to be unknown in Britain. Unlike Germany and other European countries, where single-party-governments are rare to be found, Britain's most recent history can be characterized by a constant change between pure Labour and pure Conservative governments. Getting back in time to the years before 1830, when conservative "Tory" governments changed with rather liberal "Whig" governments, it seems that almost nothing has changed since. Furthermore, modern British political parties are so tightly organised that they leave relatively little room for free action by their Members of Parliament. In many cases, MPs may be even expelled from their parties for voting against the instructions of their party leaders. During the 20th century, the British government has therefore lost confidence issues only three times — twice in 1924, and once in 1979.

After World War II, the Liberal Democrats declined to a party of political outsiders, unable to mobilize masses of voters, and I remember one Liberal MP out of a handful of Liberal members of parliament who once led our group of German schoolmates through the Houses of Parliament, telling us about the "Whigs", his party's predecessors, who once enjoyed much political influence in Britain. Now again, the Liberals are "on the go", not only due to modern politics but, as well, because of mass media deliberately serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions. Its just like U.S. President Obama wrote about his years as a Senator: You can persistently travel around your state and attend as many townhall-meetings as possible, but you will never reach that degree of publicity or popularity that you can reach by the means of one single TV spot on a national level.

Poll ratings of British political leaders and their parties after the last of three public debates [Al-Jazeera News Update, April 29, 2010]:

Conservative Party 36% and their leader Cameron 35%
Liberal Democrats 36% and their leader Clegg 33%
Labour Party 24% and their leader Prime Minister Gordon Brown 26%

A similar result after the first and second debate had been discussed some days before between a leading member of the Liberal Democrats and Al-Jazeera's David Frost in another edition of "Frost over the World" where the tough questions are put. Sir David Frost is a British journalist of repute who knows most British leaders personally and who joined the international program of Al-Jazeera almost from its beginning.

Last minute information: Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a mistake that could cost him more than one vote. On his campaign he was adressed by an elderly lady on the immigration subject. Back in his car, he murmured some insult into his beard, oblivious to the fact that his microphone was still switched on. Thus, all listening journalists could proliferate this story [Picture taken from CNN video].

The British Press shortly before Election Day:

Daily Mail's warning: Vote decisively to avoid a "hung" paliament where no single party has the majority [May 5, 2009].

The Sun: Something like "Britain's got talent to change" but avoid "hung" parliament [May 5, 2010].

Pro-Labour Daily Mirror: The rifles of those Tory guys from Eton college will target social benefits [May 5, 2010].

The Times: Citing Prime Minister Gordon Brown's "Better rely on Labour" [May 5, 2010].

Monday, April 19, 2010

AFGHANISTAN - Taliban taking over US base

Today, Al-Jazeera published a special report proving that Taliban fighters are now in control of Korenghal Valley in Afghanistan's Kunar province after U.S. troops left their military base some days ago. While U.S. military are calling it a tactical action in favor of a troop concentration in more densely inhabited areas, the Taliban are calling it a defeat. It seems that U.S. troops never succeeded to fully control an important road needed for their supply. By the way, the Korenghal Valley has become known among U.S. soldiers as the "Valley of Death" according to those 42 servicemen who died here during the last five years. Even though U.S. military blew up some of their equipment, there are still lots of ammunition and tons of fuel left to serve the Taliban who are now decided to use that base in their fight against foreign troops. "Wherever the foreigners go, we'll follow to fight them", is what the Taliban say. And one inhabitant of a nearby village put it that way: "We don't want American or German troops. We don't want any foreigners. All we want is peace. All we want is the Taliban and Islam."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Count Down for a Nuclear Showdown ?

Each time Wolf Blitzer is reporting from the CNN "situation room" the world can be sure to meet with an unpleasant situation. This time its fresh information about Iran's nuclear program. According to Pentagon officials questioned by members of the Senate, Iran should now be able to present weapon's grade uranium within one year and a ready assembled nuke within three to five years. We don't know whether that estimation has the truth or not, yet we are even more concerned when we get the news of Syrian Scud missiles being handed over to Hezbollah, one of the most radical enemy organizations opposing Israel. It seems as if those Scud missiles are intended to hit Israel prior to an Israeli assault on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Monday, March 22, 2010

U.S. Agenda of Urgency - Healthcare - North Korea

Washington, Capitol Hill, 2:00 GMT
The most important U.S. issue of those days is President Obama's healthcare bill to pass the lower house of Congress. This historic vote is expected to take place within a few minutes. It is still unclear whether the President's bill will receive the necessary support of 216 votes, even though there are rumours that opposing Democrates have agreed to compromise on the abortion issue voted for earlier this evening.
2:50 GMT
Healthcare bill passes the House 219 vs. 212 votes (216 needed).
Pictures: Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi giving final argument. (above/left) - The moment of victory. (above/right and below)

March 26, 2010: Bill Signed into Law

Today, the final version of Obama's healthcare bill was signed into law by the President. It only needed some further days for final changes to pass the Congress for a second time. Even though that healthcare reform is only a reduced version of Obama's original draft, it still remains a historic achievement as the first healthcare reform since President Lyndon B. Johnson. Many presidents have tried that subject but only few succeeded in ameliorating an outdated law that needed to be adapted to the level of national healthcare laws of other Western nations like Britain and France.

The new law extends healthcare coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans. Thus 95% of eligible Americans are now entitled to healthcare insurance comparing to 85% before. Further points of the new law are listed on the following tables, provided by Al-Jazeera:

In the aftermath of the bill passing both Houses on Capitol Hill and the ceremony of its signing into law, manifestation of protest against the new law has reached another peak. At least 10 Democrats have received death threats over the healthcare bill. Two congressional district offices have been vandalised after the vote while critics insist that the "Government has no power to force Americans to purchase insurance".

North Korea's Allegations
On U.S. Biological Warfare

Another long-standing subject that needs to be dealt with is the North Korean issue. As we recently heard, there is now further and even stronger evidence that U.S. military used biological weapons during the Korean war, weapons that had been developed with the aid of Japanese experts who, on their part, had been rewarded for their cooperation by shielding them from treatment as war criminals. Unfortunately, former U.S. presidents of the Cold War period failed to put their house in order such that the Pentagon is still insisting on their traditional position, the whole story might be nothing else than a "disinformation campaign that refuses to die".

President Obama would be well advised to have a closer look at the original documents that are still being withheld by, both, U.S. military and security administration. It shouldn't be so difficult to bring about a formal apology towards North Korea (and China, if the Chinese really want to hear it) for such historic mess that once lay in the hands of some U.S. officials who probably died long ago. At the same time, any demand for recompensation from the Nort Korean side could easily be rejected by referring to the cruelties U.S. soldiers had suffered from during their time as prisoners of war. That, at least, would establish a credible position of the U.S.A. towards North Korea when it comes to the nuclear item being solved or the question of human rights. Everything else would only enforce allegations of U.S. hypocrisy and help North Korea survive as the last remnant of Stalinism.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

North Korea And U.S. Biological Warfare

Latest update further down !

Today, AL-Jazeera TV launched a special report on U.S. biological warfare in 1952, during the war against North Korea. A special investigation led by Professor Mori Masataka, a leading Japanese biochemist, showed evidence that the U.S. once used infected insects in order to spread contagious diseases like typhoid fever and anthrax among the population of North Korea. As there are still official U.S. documents withheld from the public, it is not possible to deliver the final prove of U.S. war crimes during the Korean War, but evidence has become strong enough to partly understand North Korean resentment against any U.S. interference when it comes to reach an agreement on the nuclear weapons issue. While the Pentagon is still speaking of a long-living propaganda lie "that refuses to die", it is now clear that U.S. military at Fort Detrick (Maryland) employed Japanese specialists of biological warfare who had already become notorious for their atrocities against Chinese citizens during the Japanese occupation of China in World War II. Most interesting:

Kenneth Enoch, a former navigator on board of a B26-bombing machine, recently admitted having dropped "special bombs" on the disputed area, thus adding another version to what he had told to and written down for his Chinese and Korean investigators as a prisoner of war, after his plane had crashed over North Korea. Back in the U.S.A., however, he publicly denied everything confessed before after having been warned by U.S. military that he might otherwise be charged for treason under martial law. Now at the age of retirement, he finally confirmed that there was some "security fuss" about the bombs they dropped and that nobody of the crew should speak about the special character of that mission over North Korea.

Al-Jazeera Special (March 17, 2010)
(download of 22 minutes flv-file)


有名的生物化学教授Masataka Mori表示:

The following text is an excerpt from the autobiography of Pu Yi, the last emperor of China, and is recalling his time as a war criminal which he spent in a so-called reeducation camp near Harbin, Manchuria. It was there that he learned about the Korean War. Not yet fully "reeducated", he hoped for U.S. help like many other prisoners of war, yet fearing communist punishment as well as U.S. bombardment which seemed to have come very close to that region.

This text has been chosen to prove how U.S. bombardment of, both, North Korea and China's border provinces once moved the people who had to live there in the early 1950s. As we all know, the so-called Korean War was nothing but a war by proxy where the newly founded People's Republic of China, "just another evil communist state", opposed the United States of America, "that jewel of democracy and herald of the free market".

… 我总认为自己不死于中国人之手,就得

I had come to believe that I might not die from the hands of Chinese people but rather during bombardment by U.S. planes. ...


As the joint armies of China and Korea drove all U.S. troops back towards the 38th degree [demarcation line], all of us [war criminals] still remained full of doubt. ...

一天半夜,… 我认为这必是美国军队逼近了

One day, in the middle of the night,...[as there was much noise and confusion with the camp's iron gate being opened and many people running about]..., I considered this should be related to U.S. army units pressing towards Harbin while the Communist Party would finally put their hands on us. ...

[After that night, where a member of the prison staff had unexpectedly died from an acute disease, a high-ranking official held a speech in front of the prisoners to clarify what the Communist Party of China had planned for them.]

… 他代表政府明确地告诉我们,人民政府并不想

On behalf of the government, he made it clear to us that the people's government did not intend to order us being killed. Yet, we should undergo a process of learning how to examine ourselves which would finally reform [our way of thinking]. ...


"As far as it concerns the Korean War, you have many strange ideas on your minds. There are some who might think the [Chinese] volunteers' army could, by no means, beat U.S. troops while U.S. units are able, without any doubt, to make incursions into Dongbei [province]. And therefore you fear, the Communist Party would kill you in advance." ...

“… 我可以明确地告诉你们:中朝人民一定会

... "I can definitely tell you: Both, the Chinese and Korean people are able, without any doubt, to defeat U.S. imperialism. As well, the policy of reeducating war criminals on behalf of China's Communist Party will be successful without any doubt." ...

All text in brackets is either a shortcut of some less important sentence or a clarifying annotation, while all citations in Chinese have been meticulously translated from the Chinese original into English by Ulysses / W.W.

Looking for additional material on the web, I found another video on this subject. This should be the first Chinese response to U.S. biological warfare against North Korea and China during the Korean War. It was launched by CCTV in July 2009 when a series of brandnew articles on that item appeared in different Chinese media.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

U.S.A. - Tea or Coffee ?

We recently heard about the formation of a so-called Tea Party Movement in the U.S., intended to oppose disputed Federal government's politics as well as State government's political trends that are not so popular. Without being directly related to the established and powerful organizations of the Democrates and the Republicans, this movement's name is hinting at the famous Boston Tea Party.
Once incited by some early colonial settlers who then threw a trade ship's tea load into Boston harbour in protest of the British colonial governments's intention to raise a tax on tea imports, this incident has ever since been seen as the first step towards independance of the North-American colonies from Britain and that finally led to the foundation of the United States of America.
Today as an answer, a Coffee Party Movement has been launched which is supposed to work together with the government and its administration in order to help solve national and local problems. Nowadays, however, its not again about throwing tea or coffee loads into the sea but rather about discussing items while consuming large amounts of tea or coffee.
Now, the choice will be yours: Tea or coffee coming together with a "mouthful" of politics difficult to digest. At least, caffeine is included in both beverages, enough to get through eternal debates.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

On Global Islamisation - The World in 2025

The following video I found on the internet. It is provided with a title tag in German meaning "Islamisation - The World in 2025". I wonder who really created it, but it has some cruel truth and warning in it, dedicated to the members of any national community in the West and to their deciding policy-makers. In fact and in the long run, Islamic culture doesn't need to resort to terrorism or any other form of violence to put the Western hemisphere under its control. Western folks are simple dying out !