Saturday, March 13, 2010

U.S.A. - Tea or Coffee ?

We recently heard about the formation of a so-called Tea Party Movement in the U.S., intended to oppose disputed Federal government's politics as well as State government's political trends that are not so popular. Without being directly related to the established and powerful organizations of the Democrates and the Republicans, this movement's name is hinting at the famous Boston Tea Party.
Once incited by some early colonial settlers who then threw a trade ship's tea load into Boston harbour in protest of the British colonial governments's intention to raise a tax on tea imports, this incident has ever since been seen as the first step towards independance of the North-American colonies from Britain and that finally led to the foundation of the United States of America.
Today as an answer, a Coffee Party Movement has been launched which is supposed to work together with the government and its administration in order to help solve national and local problems. Nowadays, however, its not again about throwing tea or coffee loads into the sea but rather about discussing items while consuming large amounts of tea or coffee.
Now, the choice will be yours: Tea or coffee coming together with a "mouthful" of politics difficult to digest. At least, caffeine is included in both beverages, enough to get through eternal debates.

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