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Afghanistan - The War is Lost !

Afghanistan - The War is Lost !

Whoever would have imagined that U.S. forces might pay their enemies to refrain from attack ? Its not just like that but reality is very near to it. At least, it has become known that U.S. taxpayer's money is flowing into the pockets of certain Afghan landlords who, in exchange, ensure safe transportation through difficult regions. Now, there are many more who consider the war in Afghanistan as being lost. Here's just another analysis of the current situation provided by RT News, a TV station in Moscow that is controlled by U.S. citizens based in Russia:

Hot Greetings from the Taliban

The day of his arrival in Kabul, the Taliban offered a "very hot welcome" to General David Petraeus, the new military commander in Afghanistan after the dismission of General Stanley McChrystal by U.S. President Obama. In an unprecedented attack on an U.S. aid center in Kunduz, up to now a rather quiet area, the Taliban made it clear that they would never tolerate any U.S. presence in their country.

The Afghan "Volkssturm" Now Engaging

In the region of Kandahar a new militia has been founded that sees its task in the restoration of civil order among much military and political disorder. Members of that militia are Pashtun residents armed with AK-47 and RPG. Each of them is wearing a coloured ribbon to make him look different from a Taliban fighter. The leader of that group is cooperating with local Afghan police. In an interview with Al-Jazeera's Arabic channel, a speaker of Afghanistan's human rights organization praises that institution (July 2010).

And what about Al-Qaeda ?

Originally, the war in Afghanistan was intended to fight Bin Laden's organization Al-Qaeda, held responsible for the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Since then, Al-Qaeda has found its way into many Muslimic countries like Pakistan and Morocco where it enjoys much support among young people. As it cannot be compared with any other military, political or religious organization whatsoever because of its open structure that enables a high flexibility in action, U.S. warfare still fails to subdue that kind of enemy and often hits out at innocent civilians who then tend to become new supporters of a radical Islamic movement that is nourishing Al-Qaeda.

Most recent news (July 4, 2010):
After increased activities of Al-Qaeda's North-African branch in Algeria and Mali, the government of Mali now allowed Algerian troops to hunt down Al-Qaeda insurgents on its own territory. To get a picture of Al-Qaeda's new power, you ought to look at the attached video. It is about eleven Algerian soldiers who lost their lives in an ambush. Another four soldiers were wounded in the same incident.

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