Monday, April 19, 2010

AFGHANISTAN - Taliban taking over US base

Today, Al-Jazeera published a special report proving that Taliban fighters are now in control of Korenghal Valley in Afghanistan's Kunar province after U.S. troops left their military base some days ago. While U.S. military are calling it a tactical action in favor of a troop concentration in more densely inhabited areas, the Taliban are calling it a defeat. It seems that U.S. troops never succeeded to fully control an important road needed for their supply. By the way, the Korenghal Valley has become known among U.S. soldiers as the "Valley of Death" according to those 42 servicemen who died here during the last five years. Even though U.S. military blew up some of their equipment, there are still lots of ammunition and tons of fuel left to serve the Taliban who are now decided to use that base in their fight against foreign troops. "Wherever the foreigners go, we'll follow to fight them", is what the Taliban say. And one inhabitant of a nearby village put it that way: "We don't want American or German troops. We don't want any foreigners. All we want is peace. All we want is the Taliban and Islam."

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