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North Korea - Nuclear Capacity Increased

Hwasong 6 (SCUD-C) tactical missile

韩称朝鲜已能组装核导弹 导弹或能威胁美国本土

South Korea says the North is already capable of setting up nuclear missiles.
Guided missiles could probably threaten U.S. territory.

参考消息网1月7日报道 外媒称,韩国国防部6日发布《2014年国防白皮书》,介绍朝鲜军队动向,为韩国军队提出发展方向。


On January 7, the Network for Reference News quoted foreign media as saying that South Korea's defence ministry issued its "White Book on National Defence in 2014" where North Korean army trends are being introduced as an orientation for the development advanced by the South Korean army.

Based on a report from South Korea's united agencies on January 6, the "White Book on National Defence" deals with North Korea's first time increase of its nuclear capacity, comprising " North Korea's capacity to scale down nuclear weapons which seems to have already reached a considerably high level ". The White Book also refers to North Korea undergoing several times a lack of [reprocessed] fuel rods and its possession of more than 40 kg [self-]produced plutonium. An official from the national defence ministry indicated that there are no intelligence reports showing whether North Korea already realized the scaling down of nuclear weapons [to such a degree needed] for loading nuclear warheads into guided missiles.

No-Dong-A / Rodong-A ground-ground missile




The South Korean defence ministry informed as well that North Korea is undergoing a series of long-range missile tests and is probably provided with the capability of developing a missile capacity that is sufficient to endanger U.S. territory.

A Bloomberg news report from January 6 quoted South Korea's defence ministry as saying that North Korea has probably already developed ballistic missiles that could sufficiently threaten the United States. At the same time it has built up an infiltration network to enable an even faster invasion of South Korea.

SA-5 Gammon SAM long-range anti-aircraft missile

NK-01 anti-ship missile

Shmel-1 UAV unmanned aircraft

[Source: SINA military 新浪军事 on January 7, 2015]

The NK-02 / KN-02 is a new short-range ballistic missile for precision strikes against important targets. Reverse-engineered and upgraded from the Soviet "Tochka" SS-21 Scarab-A, its actual range being 120-140 km, the KN-02 can carry conventional, chemical and nuclear warheads. [Quoted from different military sources.]




U.S. media comment on North Korea's five big nightmare weapons :
Nuclear rucksacks detonating in South Korea.

The Chinese article is referring to what North Korea calls the " Five Big Nightmare Weapons ". It includes an evaluation of the country's military options and mentions dirty bombs as well as chemical weapons. This is going together with North Korea's striving for the ability to " deliver a nuclear blow on U.S. territory ".
As to the chemical weapons, it is accepted knowledge that North Korea owns one of the most extended stocks of chemicals, comprising about 2500-5000 tons of war grade material, thus making the country the No.3 owner of such weapons worldwide.

有西方的分析人士还强调: 朝鲜或许拥有

[Source: SINA military 新浪军事 on March 11, 2015]


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