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Ukraine - US and Russian Interest

News UPDATE on April 23, 2014:

北约加强东欧军事部署 五艘军舰奔赴波罗的海

NATO enhances its military deployment in Eastern Europe.
Five navy ships are hurrying to the Baltic Sea.

On April 22, five navy ships left the German port of Kiel heading for the Baltic Sea in order to enhance military deployment in that area and for emergency response in case of a sudden incident to happen.

These five NATO ships are coming from Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia. Four ships are minesweepers, one is a supply ship.

According to Philip Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, the NATO ships are intended to ensure maritime safety in the area.

[Source: People's Network (China) 人民网 on April 23, 2014: 北约加强东欧军事部署 五艘军舰奔赴波罗的海]


German media:
The U.S. [way of] facing Russia's tough attitude
gets Europe caught in a difficult position.

Obama's [way of] meeting with the tough position of
Russia's policy makes Europe suffer from severe loss.

[Source: People's Network (China) 人民网 on April 23, 2014: 徳媒:美国对俄强硬姿态使欧洲陷入困境]

美国向乌克兰提供更多军援 欲与波兰深化防务合作

The U.S. provide more military aid for Ukraine and
want Poland to deepen its defence cooperation.

On April 17 and while meeting with his counterpart from Poland, U.S. defence secretary Hagel announced that President Obama had already granted "unlethal" military aid to Ukraine, comprising medicine, helmets, sleeping mats, water cleaning devices, tents and small-size generators, as well as manually operated oil pumps.

This is the second time after Russia entering Crimea in the middle of March that Ukraine receives military help from the U.S.. The first delivery at the end of March comprised food rations for military use.

Furthermore, Hagel made clear the U.S. want Poland to make changes in its defence cooperation. The targeted domains are including special forces, air force, anti-missile units, training and manoeuvre practice and are reaching up to an increased formation of joint air force units together with its allies.

From 2012 on U.S. air force had stationed F-16 war planes in Poland for joint training. At the beginning of March [2014] when the Ukrainian situation worsened, the Pentagon decided to deploy another 12 F-16 war planes and 200 troops in Poland. In that frame, Hagel mentioned as well the participation of Romania where 12 F-16 regularly bought war planes had been deployed last year.

[Source: People's Network (China) 人民网 on April 18, 2014 => 美国向乌克兰提供更多军援 欲与波兰深化防务合作]

Chuck Hagel - First prominent politician from the West to visit
China's aircraft carrier Liaoning in early April 2014.

" The Ukrainian crisis is likely to push Russia to develop a crucial relationship with China, and it’s also probable that the US will cozy up more with China to balance against Russia, both of which benefit China, Chinese expert Andrew Leung told RT. "

The above quotation has been taken from an expert interview on a further deepening of economic cooperation between Russia and China after Russia, pressured by the West, needs to find new markets for its natural energy resources and another payment system, such avoiding the U.S.$ system. => The complete interview was published by RT, Russia's state TV, on its website on April 21, 2014.

A related "independent" comment on this website is reading as follows:
" The bottom line is that the hilarious irony of the situation is that in all its efforts to stop or slow down the formation of another Eastern Bloc, the west has set the stage for something even bigger: the creation of a pan-Eurasian economic union (and potentially, military alliance via expansion of the CSTO).
Eurasia is rising, and in time, the west will realize that it is too late to stop it. "

CSTO is the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the most prominent members of which are China and Russia. In 2013, CSTO already reached an agreement in the Syrian crisis and which was opposing the official NATO position: Russia – China and CSTO draw Red Line about NATO Despotism.

Russia's Putin and China's Xi JinPing on a CSTO meeting in Sochi, February 2014.


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