Sunday, April 06, 2014

German - Russian Argument over Ukraine


German minister of finance compares Putin to Hitler,
Russia's warning: This is a provocation.


Schäuble by using the inappropriate "Putin - Hitler" analogy
is pouring tar on the fire of the Ukrainian crisis.

Relevant quotations from the Schäuble evaluation:


"Hitler's way of dealing with the Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia that year."
"It's a matter history told us."

Schäuble's reminder of the Sudeten region refers to a territory in former Czechoslovakia that had been traditionally inhabited by a German minority. In 1938 that territory was annexed by Germany in order to "protect German citizens". One year later, the complete territory of Czechoslovakia was "swallowed" by the Nazi leadership.


[Source: Wallstreet Information China 花尔街见闻 on April 04, 2014]


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Russia Strikes Back 俄罗斯反击


Because of the Ukrainian crisis, the European - U.S. alliance of countries has adopted a set of sanctions against Russia. As an answer, Russia tries to provoke the status of the "Petrodollar". It has already explored Iran and China for a trade cooperation [with respect to] oil and gas in order to bypass the settling of accounts in U.S. Dollars. However, Russia's unyielding attitude might cause a quick flight of capital at home. Bad commercial credit reports, as well, [might reduce] the trade opponent's initiative.

[Source: Wallstreet Information China 花尔街见闻 on April 05, 2014]


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