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Ukraine - Russian Military Moving

Latest Development on April 29, 00:30 CET

According to Western media and RIA Novosti in Moscow, Russia has ended its demonstration of power at the border to Ukraine. All Russian units should have retreated to their home positions. Russia's defence minister Sergej Schoigu allegedly told his U.S. counterpart Chuck Hagel in a telephone call that Russian manoeuvres are not longer needed as Ukraine's government has officially declared to refrain from using military power against unarmed civilians in Eastern Ukraine.

[Source: Spiegel Online, Germany, midnight update April 29, 2014]


Ukraine: Russian troops have already begun to advance
within visual distance of Ukrainian border guards.

人民网4月27日讯 综合外电报道,乌克兰总理亚采纽克26日说,乌克兰与俄罗斯边境地区紧张局势升级。俄罗斯军队已向前开进到乌克兰边防兵的目视距离内。俄罗斯军队目前的演习地点距离边界仅一公里,俄罗斯可随时发动入侵。

Message from People's Network on April 27, summing-up of foreign news: Ukraine's prime minister Yatsenyuk said on April 26: The tense situation in the border region between Ukraine and Russia is escalating. Russian troops have already begun to advance within visual distance of Ukrainian border guards. The actual manoeuvre area of Russian troops being only one kilometer away from the border, Russia could start an invasion at any time.


The provisional spokesman for the Ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs [.....] notified that military exercise activity of Russian troops in the border region between both countries is continuing with frequent troop movements.
..... He mentioned some hundred military vehicles, armoured cars, "Hailstone" rocket launching systems, and two tank units that had arrived at the border on Thursday. .....


Ukrainian media reported from some regions that Ukrainian border guards don't need telescopes to observe Russian troops in the neighbourhood and are already on the highest level of alert.
On social networks, as well, videos emerged showing Russia's armoured cars and artillery troops moving to the frontier.

[Source: SOUHU 搜狐, quoting People's Network, Beijing, on April 27, 2014]


"The Devil Within"

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During the Cold War, Elmendorf air base became highly important due to its geographical position. At that time, its primary mission comprised early warning and interception in case of a possible airborne attack from Soviet territory. Nowadays, Elmendorf's main units are still providing air defense and air superiority in Alaska. However support of Pacific Air Forces during contingencies in the Pacific Command area of responsibility have become of increasing importance.

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