Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ukraine - News Update

News from the Spanish service of RT-TV
(Russia Today) on April 17, 00:30 GMT:

La OTAN incrementa su presencia militar en el Mar Báltico y Mediterráneo en el marco de unas medidas ante la crisis ucraniana.

NATO increases its military presence in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean in the frame of measures taken in the Ukrainian crisis.

Un manifestante murió y 12 resultan heridos al enfrentarse con soldados en una base militar ukraniana en Mariúpol, según los medios locales.

A demonstrator died and 12 were injured in a confrontation with soldiers in a Ukrainian military base in Mariúpol, according to local media.

Tropas ucranianas abren fuego contra los autodefensas en la ciudad de Kramatorsk y hieren a tres personas, según el portavoz de la milicia popular.

Ukrainian troops open fire against self-defence forces in the town of Kramatorsk and wounded three persons, according to the spokesman of the people's militia.

RT evening news for April 15 already informed about Ukrainian armoured vehicles being held up in Eastern Ukraine by local people. Hours later on April 16, both, Russian RT and the U.S. broadcaster CNN reported about Ukrainian tanks showing their change of sides by flying the Russian flag.

On April 15, the first victims in a Ukranian military crackdown on Russian separatists were counted when Ukrainian troops took over a local airfield from Russian rebels.

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