Saturday, April 26, 2014

Putin and the Internet

普京称万维网系美中情局产物 俄要拒其网络垄断

Putin says the Internet is a Product of the CIA.
Russia needs to Resist its Network being Monopolized.

The following excerpt has been taken from a Chinese article that is quoting a foreign media report published some hours earlier. The Chinese article appeared in the early morning edition of April 25. It is dealing with a direct opinion post by Russia's president Putin to some discussion forum in Saint Petersburg. That post came after a broadcast on April 17 where Putin answered to the questions from Russian citizens and which could be directly forwarded by phone, email and SMS to their president.


According to that report, Putin said the internet was originally developed by the CIA. At the moment it is still subject to U.S. control. In order to protect its own interest on the web, he said, Russia needs to resist what he called America's network monopoly.


Putin pointed out that America's degree of network control, as has been recently disclosed by Snowden, is showing that it is just having a hand in what he calls "some piece of information" in the confrontation.


Putin's address once again causes the people to follow the internet with interest [whether or not] joining the worries [about] the actual breaking up of standards [into] different parts.


In June 2013, the former employee of America's CIA and ["whistle blower"] of the "Prism" project, Edward Snowden, leaked secrets to the U.S. [daily] "Washington Post" and the British "Guardian", secrets related to the large-scale eavesdropping project of U.S. and British intelligence organizations.


After that, Snowden took a Russian ship from HongKong and passed to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. After being detained for more than one month at Moscow airport, he was granted temporary political asylum for one year in August [2013].

[Source: China News 中新网 on April 25, 2014]

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