Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Syria Conference - First Difficulties

An international conference to find a political solution to the conflict in Syria is set to begin in Switzerland today, January 22.

For months, UN, US and Russian diplomats have struggled to persuade both sides to attend what has become known as "Geneva II".

The UN's Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has said it would be "unforgivable not to seize this opportunity" to end a conflict that has left more than 100,000 people dead and driven 9.5 million from their homes.

[Source: BBC on January 21, 2014]

التلفزيون السوري: طائرة وفد المحادثات منعت من التزود بالوقود في اثينا

Syrian TV: The airplane [carrying] a delegation for negotiations was refused refuelling in Athens.

قال التلفزيون السوري الحكومي ان الطائرة التي [تنقل] الوفد الذي سيشارك في محادثات السلام الدولية التي ستجري في سويسرا منعت من التزود بالوقود يوم الثلاثاء بعد ان هبطت في مطار أثينا.ـ

[According to] Syrian state TV, the aircraft carrying the delegation that will participate in international peace talks to take place in Switzerland was refused refuelling after landing on Athens airport.

واضاف ان الطائرة حصلت على اذن بالمرور في المجال الجوي المعني والهبوط في اثينا للتزود بالوقود.ـ

And it was added the aircraft had received a [traffic/transit] permission for the [requested] airspace [including] landing in Athens for refuelling.

[Source: Reuters - Arabic News رويترز on January 21, 2014]

وليد المعلم قبيل وصوله جنيف: الأسد خط أحمر

Walid al-Muallem shortly before his arrival in Geneva : Assad's "red line".

[Editor's Note: Walid al-Muallem (photo above) is Syria's minister of foreign affairs. His recent activity came only days after a defected member of Assad's state security presented photos proving cruel torture on a large scale in Syrian prisons.]

اعتبر أن مشاركة وفد النظام تهدف لبدء حوار سوري - سوري

It was considered that a participation of the regime's delegation [would be] aiming at the beginning of a Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on January 22, 2014]

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