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Libya - Abduction of Diplomats

Related UPDATES included on January 26/28.

Photo: Egyptian embassy in Libya.

ليبيا: دبلوماسيين مصريين خطفوا بعد اعتقال زعيم ميليشيا

Libya: Egyptian diplomats kidnapped after the arrest of a militia leader.

خطف أربعة من أفراد البعثة الدبلوماسية بالسفارة المصرية في طرابلس اليوم بعد يوم من خطف دبلوماسي مصري آخر فيما وصفته الحكومة الليبية بانه رد فعل على اعتقال مصر لزعيم ميليشيا ليبية.ـ

Four individuals on a diplomatic mission at the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli were kidnapped one day after the abduction of other Egyptian diplomats in what the Libyan government described as a reaction on the arrest of a Libyan militia leader by Egypt.

There was no declaration about the group responsible for the abductions, however information was spread that a Libyan militia leader should have been arrested in Cairo.

[Source: Ar-Riyadh Net الرياض نت, Saudi Arabia, on January 25, 2014]


Evening UPDATE on January 26:

عززت السلطات الليبية من وجود قوات الأمن أمام السفارة المصرية بالعاصمة الليبية طرابلس عقب مغادرة البعثة الدبلوماسية المصرية طرابلس بعد قرار الحكومة المصرية بإجلاء كل الدبلوماسيين بالسفارة، جراء اختطاف 5 دبلوماسيين مصريين بالسفارة المصرية، من بينهم الملحق الثقافي الدكتور الهلالي الشربيني والملحق التجاري حمدي غانم. ـ

Libyan authorities increased the presence of security forces in front of the Egyptian embassy in Libya's capital Tripoli which followed the abandoning of Egypt's diplomatic mission [there] after a decision of the Egyptian government to clear the embassy from all diplomats. [When] the abduction of five Egyptian diplomats from the Egyptian embassy took place, the cultural attaché Dr. Hilali ash-Sharbini and the commercial attaché Hamdi Ghanem were among them.

[Source: Al-Ahram الأهرام, Cairo, on January 26, 2014]

Related News on January 26:


Iran says there is no confirmation that an [Iranian] diplomat abducted in Yemen has been beheaded by al-Qaeda organization.

The official Iranian source contradicts the Yemenite government and its security ministry on this matter and who had already launched the news of a beheading.

[Source: China News Network 中国新闻网 on January 27 local date (!), 2014]

Related News on January 28:


[The United Nations] Security Council calls for not paying ransom money and not making political concessions towards terrorists.

This news is quoting an advice given by the United Nations Security Council the day before on January 27. It is referring to incidents of abduction by al-Qaeda and its branches. According to related British statistics, there should have been paid about 105 million U.S.$ of ransom money during the last 3.5 years to such organizations.

[Source: China News Network 中国新闻网 on January 28, 2014]

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