Monday, January 20, 2014

Iraq - Army Fighting Rebels in Ramadi

After shelling militant Islamic groups in Falluja, the Iraqi army is now launching an attack on similar groups in Ramadi township.

الجيش العراقي يشن عملية عسكرية ضد "داعش" في الرمادي

The Iraqi army is launching a military operation against "Daesh" in Ramadi.

According to General Mahmud al-Eskari, the spokesman for Iraq's ministry of defense (photo below), that operation is directed against " followers of 'Daesh' (Islamic Nation of Iraq and Syria/ the Levant, ISIS/ISIL), members of al-Qaeda and other terrorists ".

[Source: Al-Hayat الحياة on January 19, 2014]

Further information on "Daesh" is available on another blogspot of mine published earlier this month.

A map of the region showing Ramadi and Falluja as key locations
on a main road that stretches from Baghdad to the Syrian border.

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