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Syria - Red Line Crossed

Last Update: August 27

Following eyewitness accounts and videos from Syria, the international community is shocked by what seems to prove the application of nerve gas Sarin by troops of the Assad regime. The West now feels obliged to stop the use of chemical weapons against civilians, however, the situation is more complicated than it looks at first sight.

Above picture from Syrian video showing victims of chemical attack.

According to Al-Jazeera, a UN commission has now been allowed
to enter the site of the chemical attack. That commission is already
in Damascus for talks with Syrian government on the issue. British
government circles, however, are saying that main evidence should
have already been destroyed. [Al-Jazeera / English, on August 25]

According to CNN, UN inspectors were targeted by snipers on their
inspection tour, even though government and opposition forces had
declared to support their mission. [CNN mobile news, on August 26]

Above picture from an article about Free Army reports of rocket attacks using Sarin.
Article published by The Yemen Economist الاقتصادي اليمني on August 24, 2013.


حقيقة الخيارات المحتملة لتدخل عسكري في سوريا,,,ـ

The reality of probable options for a military intervention in Syria ...

ذكرت وكالة الصحافة الفرنسية أن الولايات المتحدة وحلفائها الغربيين يواجهون ضغوطاً متزايدة تدعو إلى التحرك لوقف العنف في سوريا، واشتدت هذه الضغوط إثر اتهام المعارضة النظام بشن هجوم كيماوي أوقع بحسب المعلومات أكثر من 1300 قتيل.ـ

The French press agency quoted that the United States and their Western allies are facing increasing pressure [calling for] an interruption of violence in Syria. That pressure has intensified after the opposition accused the system of having launched a chemical attack which caused the death of more than 1.300 of the [notifying] party.

غير أن المخاوف تبقى قائمة لدى السلطات والرأي العام من الانجرار إلى حرب جديدة في الشرق الأوسط والاضطرار إلى إرسال قوات على الأرض، وهو ما تُجمع واشنطن وباريس على استبعاده بشكل قاطع.ـ

Without dangers remaining permanent for the authorities, public opinion [is attracted by] a new war in the Middle East and the obligation of a global deployment of troops. That is what makes Washington and Paris unite in a categoric denial.

وإزاء هذا الوضع تواجه الأسرة الدولية سيناريوات مختلفة لتدخل عسكري في سوريا تتراوح بين القضاء على ترسانة النظام من الأسلحة الكيماوية وإقامة منطقة حظر جوي، غير أنها تنطوي جميعها على عواقب ومخاطر تثنيها منذ أكثر من سنتين عن التدخل.ـ

In the presence of such situation, the national [also: international] family is facing a variety of scenarios for a military intervention in Syria, alternating between the judgement [or rather: annihilation] of the regime's [leadership] [on the subject of] chemical weapons and the installation of a regional air defense [system]. However, every [action] includes its consequences and the risks of [an unpleasant change] lasting more years than the intervention.

[Source: General Organization of Radio and TV - Syria الهيئة العامة للإذاعة والتلفزيون - سورية on August 24, 2013]

CNN on August 24: Iran blames opposition, warns against intervention,
and, by the way, actual U.S. - Russian relations aren't to good either ...


Here is a related article discussing Israel's position in the chemical weapons affair. It has been written by Jacky Hugi, an Arab affairs analyst for Israel's army radio Galie-Zahal, a columnist for the business newspaper Globes and the former Arab Affairs correspondent for Maariv:
Israel Urged to Speak Out Against Chemical Weapons Use in Syria


كتيبة مدرّبة في الأردن دخلت سوريا قبل يومين من المجزرة
لوفيغارو: الأسد استعان بغاز سارين لصد هجوم غربي... والمعارضة تنفي

A battalion trained in Jordan entered into Syria two days before the massacre.
Le Figaro: "Al-Assad resorts to Sarin gas to reject a Western attack ... and the
opposition [makes profit from it]."

Quotation of the French paper "Le Figaro" by the independent Arabic news portal Elaph إيلاف on August 24, 2013. The French article, published on August 22, refers to a specially trained Syrian opposition unit that entered into Syria under the guidance of U.S., Israeli and Jordanian troops some days ago.

Operation Anti-Assad Has Begun

According to our informations, Syrian opposition [fighters],
embedded into Jordanian, Israeli and American commandos,
are advancing towards Damascus since the middle of August.
That offensive might explain the possible resort to chemical
weapons by the Syrian president. [Info Le Figaro, August 22]


[Opinion Trend] of the Egyptian People

التيار الشعبي: تلويح أمريكا بالعدوان على سوريا مخطط لـ"تقسيم الدول العربية وإضعاف جيوشها"ـ

Trend of the People:
America's signal of hostility towards Syria is planning " the division of Arab nations and the weakening of their armies ".

[Source: Al-Ahram الاهرام, Cairo, on August 26, 2013]

مسؤول أمريكي: «أوباما» لم يقرر تحركا عسكريا ضد سوريا وسيكون محدودا

U.S. official: Obama has not [yet] decided in favor of some military action against Syria and
which should [even more] be limited.

[Source: Egypt Today مصر اليوم on August 27, 2013]


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