Sunday, August 18, 2013

Egypt - Mediator Needed

Yesterday, August 17, Al-Jazeera reported on both channels in Arabic and English about further clashes between security forces and pro-Morsy demonstrators in the frame of a military clearing of Cairo's Al-Fatah Mosque from opponents of the new Egyptian administration.

قوات الأمن المصرية تقتحم مسجد الفتح في القاهرة

Egyptian security forces are entering Al-Fatah Mosque in Cairo.
[Above image: Soldiers aiming at snipers on top of the minaret.]

While the Arabic program offered lots of pictures showing some kind of civil war scenario, Al-Jazeera's English program brought an interview with Fawaz Gerges, a London based expert for the Middle East:

Gerges underlined that no neutral party could be found in Egypt today, able to assume the task of mediating between the rivalling groups. Therefore, it would make sense to employ influential foreign governments. As the U.S. have lost much credit in the Middle East, the European Union might take over to unite pro- and contra-Morsy groups in serious negotiations. Namely Europe's special envoy, Catherine Ashton, could then play a decisive role in trying to smoothe tensions within a deeply divided Egyptian society and promote decisive talks between the main opponents.

This, however, is contested by other spectators of the proceedings as Egypt News - ENN had already pointed out in their article on August 1st, 2013.

ـ“صحف أوروبية”: أشتون وسيط غير فعال بين الأطراف المتنازعة في مصر

"European Media": Ashton [is] an inefficient mediator between the rivalling parties in Egypt.

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