Tuesday, January 01, 2013

North Korea - Change of Politics

On his new year's speech, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un surprised us with a change of politics. Here's a quotation from the more specific part of his speech as has been published in Chinese by New China Network today, 1st January 2013:

金正恩发表新年贺词 以征服宇宙气魄开创新局面

Kim Jong Un delivering his New Year's speech.
A youngster in old-fashioned cloth and of [cosmopolitan attitude] introducing new aspects.


[We] need to take the vanguard branches of national economy and basic industrial branches and start to employ decisive measures in order to push in the lead such branches [dealing with] coal, electricity, metal processing and railway long-distance traffic, such strengthening economy as the [platform] of construction of a powerful nation. What is particularly needed is an upsurge of innovation in industrial branches [dealing with] coal and metal processing which might stimulate the complete array of national economy. [We] need to bring about great strength [in order to] vigorously develop a direct relationship with [all] fields of life of the people and their units [i.e. organizations], strengthen production and make people receive even more [material] benefit of living.

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