Wednesday, September 19, 2012

U.S. Elections - Mitt Romney Lost Face

要闻 以色列果断的对伊朗动武

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Al-Jazeera, Evening News on September 18, 2012:

Only 50 days before the U.S. presidential elections are expected to start, President Obama's competitor Mitt Romney lost face when he was caught making remarks that should, at least, astonish U.S. voter who are not yet decided.

A video is showing Mitt Romney speaking at an exclusive meeting in front of guests who had paid a sufficiently high sum (50.000 $ level) to participate. Here are some typical remarks that reached international media. The complete video should be available on the internet.

"Obama Supporters Too Poor To Pay Tax"

"Palestinians Do Not Want Peace"

Oh my goodness ... What a guy to become president !

One day later, on September 19, CNN quoted an ad-hoc opinion poll by USA Today / Gallup that is showing how Mitt Romney's remarks influenced his popularity in both groups of voters, those registered as Republican or Democratic voters and those considered as independent voters.

As to the stance "47% Obama voters don't pay taxes", here are the official U.S. statistics of tax payers:

Indeed 46% of U.S. citizens don't pay federal income (!) tax which means they are not keeping an own business but are essentially either employees paying payroll taxes or retired persons or low income workers. The payroll tax payers making up for 28%, those U.S. citizens who don't pay any taxes at all are summing up for 46-28 = 18%. Supposed social welfare candidates, included in these 18%, make up for just 1%.

Even though Obama might attract more low income voters than Romney, he doesn't necessarily take all of the low income votes. Therefore, Mitt Romney's remark on Obama voters don't paying taxes is altogether wrong and unqualified.

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