Monday, September 03, 2012

South Korea - Putting Pressure on Japan


The government of South Korea intends to put forward the question of the Japanese army's "comforting wives" in front of the United Nations General Assembly this month.

[Source: The Epoch Times 大纪元时报 published outside China and several Chinese news publications for today September 3, 2012]

Editor's Note:
The expression "comforting wives" is referring to the Japanese army's "comfort battalions" during World War II. These "battalions" consisted of women from regions occupied by Japan and who were forced to serve in Japanese army brothels. Neither apologies nor compensations for these women, who essentially came from Korea, China and South East Asia, have ever been granted by post-war Japanese governments. The actual revival of that subject by South Korea might be due to increasing tensions between South Korea and Japan in the frame of an island dispute between both countries. However, the Korean race has always been seen by proud Japanese nationalists as a minor race that only recently succeeded in ranking equal with their former colonial power when South Korea's economy began to boom while Japan's economy declined.

Chinese girl belonging to a Japanese "comfort battalion" after her liberation by allied troops (above).

Japanese military camp for "Korean volunteers" before 1940 (above). The Japanese flag is accompanied by a German Nazi flag on the occasion of Colin Ross, an Austrian of Scottish descent, visiting Japan's protectorate of Chosen (Korea). Colin Ross was a well-known traveler and pro-Nazi book author on geopolitical subjects at that time. He enjoyed high-ranking support in, both, Germany and Japan.

Map of the region and visitor access points to "blueprint news" for South Korea activated during the last 14 days (above).

Visitor access points to "blueprint news" for Hongkong and Guangzhou (Canton) activated during the last 14 days (above).

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