Sunday, September 16, 2012

Disputed Islands - China's Maritime Surveillance

要闻 以色列果断的对伊朗动武

Yesterday, September 15, two Chinese patrol boats have reached Diaoyu Island and associated isles. Wuhan Evening News reported on their mission:


Making an inventory of China's Maritime Surveillance ship formation cruising Diaoyu Island.

The biggest of those vessels are the No. 50 Maritime Surveillance Ship (tonnage 3.980 tons, length 98 m, width 15.2 m, draught 7.8 m) and its sister ship No. 83. Their cruising radius should be 10.000 nautic miles, maximum speed 18 knots and period of deployment 60 days.

The fastest ship in China's Maritime Surveillance is No. 66 (tonnage 1.290 tons, length 77.4 m, width 10.4 m). Its main engine providing 2.380 PS, both engines can speed up the ship to a maximum speed of 20 knots. The cruising radius should be 5.000 nautic miles and the period of deployment 30 days.
Maritime Surveillance No. 66 has already driven out a Japanese surveying ship near Okinawa.

Maritime Surveillance No. 26 and No. 27 are similar to No. 66, both, in size (1.125 / 1.200 tons) and performance (20 knots, 5.000 nautic miles). No. 27 has been equipped with latest radar technology.

The picture below is showing the No. 15 unit (1.740 tons, cruising radius 6.000 nautic miles) in front of Diaoyu Island. It is usually being deployed in the North China Sea and should have accompanied No. 51 on its actual trip to Diaoyu Island.

There are additional items regarding China's Maritime Surveillance fleet, like the number of crew members and the places of launching, which I did not translate. By the way, it seems that all information has been specially promoted by China's leadership to be made known outside of China, such serving as some kind of deterrent.

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