Sunday, May 01, 2011

Nato Air Raid - Gadafi Son Killed

One of Gadafi's sons, Saif al-Arab, was killed together with his wife in
a Nato air raid on his house in Tripolis. Some of Gadafi's grandchildren
were killed as well. Muamar al-Gadafi who stayed in the same building at
that time remained unhurt. Saif al-Arab kept a relatively low profile in
comparison with his brother Saif al-Islam and who openly defended his
father [CNN].

Subtitles by Al-Jazeera, Arabic TV:

النيتو يقول إن إحدى غارات استهدفت مركز قيادة في باب العزيزية بطرابلس
"Nato says that some [of its] attacks intended to concentrate
on the [military] command (*) at Bab al-Azizia in Tripolis."

* = The subtitle given by Al-Jazeera includes an expression that could
be translated either as "[military] command" or as "leadership". As the
related CNN report stressed that Nato was not targeting Libyan leader
Muamar al-Gadafi, the right translation should be "military command".

معارضون يشككون في إعلان طرابلس عن مقتل ابن القذافي و يصفونه بأنه سعي لكسب التعاطف
"Controversion and doubts over the declaration from Tripolis that a son
of Gadafi should have been killed and his characterisation that is trying
to gain him sympathy."

The above subtitle was added hours after the news of
Saif al-Arab's death became known for the first time.

Additional remarks by Ulysses:

According to a German radio source, Saif al-Arab once studied in Munich,
Germany. At that time, a member of the Gadafi clan, probably Saif al-
Arab, became known to Munich police for a nightly town racing during
which he crushed his expensive car. As being protected by his diplomatic
passport, he could not be charged for his breaking of different laws.

On this occasion, I would like to remember an Interpol request that
reached authorities in the area already controlled by freedom fighters.
This request was published by Al-Jazeera on March 5, 2011:

الإنتربول يصدر تحذيرا دوليا بشأن خطورة القذافي و 15 من عائلته و أعوانه
Interpol has released an international alert concerning imminent
danger from Gadafi and 15 [members] of his family and his helpers.

The Interpol request consists of different notes on different
subjects involved. Here are only two of them, characterized by
their vague style, which I tried to reconstruct from the Arabic

Red Note:
[This note] brings about a request on the conditions of arrest of
persons on the run and being sought after on the purpose of [their]
extradition to [certain] countries [on behalf of such countries'
security sources]. .....

Blue Note:
Request of additional information on a person related with criminal

There is also a "Green Note", a "Yellow Note" and a "Black Note"
from Interpol.

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