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Strauss-Kahn - Constructed Charges Against IMF Boss

Constructed Charges Against French Politician ?
Cas Construit Contre Politicien Français ?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), president of the International Monetary Fund IMF and one of the most profiled politicians in France, has been arrested in New York on charges of sexual harrassment and intended rape of a 33-year old colored chamber maid in a hotel belonging to the French chain Sofitel. After having left his hotel in a hurry, letting behind his cellphone and other personal belongings, he was arrested at JFK airport on board of an Air France plane bound for Paris and ready to take off. He is now being questioned at a police station in Haarlem while his alleged victim is reportedly held in an artificial coma. As charges against DSK are considered to be especially grave, he might be awaiting a sentence of many years in a U.S. prison, if this story turns out to be true.

First reactions of high-ranking French politicians are showing astonishment and rather disbelieve as he was not expected to suffer from the proverbial "Berlusconi syndrome". The overall reaction seems to be that "this does not resemble him". Ségolène Royal, a highly profiled politician in France as well, pointed out that "all is still waiting to be proved".

DSK was expected to leave New York that day in order to meet with Angela Merkel the German chancellor. His acceptance within his own country can be imagined from an opinion poll that put him into the first position of all socialist candidates in the French Primary Elections. Even though being known as an activist of the Socialist Party, DSK is respected by all of his colleagues whatever party they might represent. That is why even Marie Le Pen, leader of the right-wing party Front National has been showing her astonishment upon the charges awaiting Strauss-Kahn.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn DSK, le président de l'IMF (Fond Monétaire Internationale), a été inculpé d'agression sexuelle et de tentative de viol d'une femme colorée de chambre à l'hôtel Sofitel de New York. DSK était arrêté à l'aéroport JFK de N.Y. dans un avion prêt à décoller, ayant quitté sa chambre en toute hâte et en oubliant son portable et d'autres effets personnels. DSK était expecté de se rencontrer ces jours-ci avec le chancellier allemand Angela Merkel après la visite aux États Unies.

Au moment, DSK est détenu dans une station de police à Haarlem alors que la femme attaquée de 33 ans était transférée à un hôpital où elle serait tenue dans un coma artificiel. Le socialiste DSK est l'un des politiciens les plus acceptés de la France. Même ses adversaires lui respectent. C'est pourquoi beaucoup de ses compatriotes ne sont pas inclinés à croire les évènements qui se seraient déroulées dans cette chambre d'hôtel newyorkais. L'opinion qui prévaut: "Ça ne lui semble pas."

UPDATE: i-Télé evening news / les nouvelles du soir

The French TV broadcast includes a summary of the facts to be known at the moment and an evaluation of Strauss-Kahn's immediate arrest that is related to the efficient work of a special victim's unit of New York police. That police unit is in charge of all similar cases and known to be fast working in a town where crimes of sexual harrassment and rape are happening every minute. It seems that DSK's identification and tracking to JFK airport was simple routine work facilitated by the Patriot's Act against terrorism. DSK's status as a high-ranking politician of international importance was not known to New York police at this moment.

New evidence: Another colored employee of Sofitel New York and who wants to remain unknown to the public said to i-Télé that DSK behaved that morning like any other day and showed no hurry when he left the hotel.

The news are followed by a discussion between members of the French press on how much damage that development would bring to the Socialist Party in the frame of the following primary elections where DSK has been expected to be the prevailing socialist candidate.

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