Friday, May 06, 2011

Bin Laden Raid - Further Pictures

Here are the "bad guys":

According to CNN, a courier who allegedly led the Navy Seals to Osama's residence and his brother were among the first who opened fire on the special unit. They died near to their master. The woman who protected Bin Laden was only wounded. Earlier reports said that she died at his side. Bin Laden himself was not armed but "tried to defend himself". That's why he was shot at once.

Screenshot and processed picture => Click to the photo !

U.S. special forces used modified Seahawk choppers to approach Bin Laden's residence. One of them exploded during the firefight and was left behind. It is obviously equipped with some stealth technology that helped to enter Pakistani airspace and approach the garrison town of Abbottabad without being noticed. Pakistani authorities are not amused:

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