Monday, May 02, 2011

Obama: U.S. Forces Killed Osama Bin Laden

أوباما: قوة أمريكية خاصة قادت العملية التي قتل فيها أسامة بن لادن زعيم تنظيم القاعدة
"Obama: American special forces conducted the operation during
which Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda organisation, was

Osama Bin Laden was shot in the head by U.S. special forces who took his dead body with them as a proof. Bin Laden was targeted in his hide-out, a fortified compound situated in a densely populated area of Abbottabad which is a rather medium-sized town about 30 miles away from Pakistan's capital Islamabad. These circumstances made it an especially difficult task for the special units to prevail. In a televised speech, President Obama pointed out that there were no U.S. losses during the firefight between U.S. Navy Seals and Al-Qaeda fighters.

According to the president who gave the direct order to attack, the whereabouts of Bin Laden had already been known for a certain time. Former media reports about Osama Bin Laden hiding in either Afghanistan or in the bordering tribal areas of Pakistan (i.e. Waziristan) did therefore not match reality.

Even though it is still dark night in New York and Washington, lots and lots of people are steadily gathering at Ground Zero (N.Y.) and in front of the White House, such celebrating that historical event.

Latest News:
- According to special unit's report, Bin Laden should have used a woman as a human shield when being shot at. That woman died with him. => Refer to the picture below.
- After tests had been made to ensure the identity of Bin Laden, the dead body was dropped into the Arabic Sea from a U.S. aircraft carrier and in the frame of a burial ceremony "according to Muslimic belief". The procedure of burial has been disapproved by some Muslims, among them the Imam of the Grand Mosque of Paris, because the body was not properly buried on firm ground as requested by the Koran [Source: i-Télé, France]. Nevertheless, the U.S. decided to stick to a burial on sea in order to avoid generating a place of pilgrimage for Bin Laden's followers.
- Some voices like that of Prof. Tariq Ramadan and who is representing a French institute of historic studies of the Arab world, are saying they would rather have liked to see Bin Laden alive in order to listen to what he has to say [i-Télé, France].

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