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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Egypt - Morsy New President

It's only ten minutes ago that Egypt's Central Election Committee declared Mohammed Morsy the new president of Egypt. After some teasing half hour during which the election committee delivered its report on counting and checking and counterchecking the votes, the result is now clear and credible:

محمد مرسي رئيساً لمصر

Mohammad Morsy - President for Egypt

The above screenshot is showing the centers of campaign for Ahmad Shafiq (left) and Mohammad Morsy (right). At the presentation of the overall result, one could see Morsy supporters getting up from their seats, their arms being raised in joy while Shafiq supporters remained stunned.

Morsi: 13,230,131 votes (51.7%)
Shafiq: 12,347,380 (48%)

Scene from Tahrir Square in Central Kairo after the announcement of Morsy's victory (above). However, the demonstrations are not only in support of Morsy alone but as well directed against increasing influence of the Military Committee that recently reduced the president's rights and dissolved parliament. All the people want to achieve is to get rid of the old system presented by former president Mubarak and his comrades-in-arms of the Military Committee.

الرئيس محمد مرسي يحكم مصر بصلاحيات منقوصة

President Mohammad Morsy is governing Egypt with insufficient authorities.

Participants in the Presidential Elections of Egypt.
Winner is still the Military.

The above cartoon has been published on Al-Arabiya's website on the same day. TV screenshots for this site have been taken from life coverage by Al-Jazeera, Arabic channel.

Egypt's neighbour Israel praising the Arab Spring (CNN on June 12, 2012):

The Opposition Within the Opposition

مقاطعون: نتيجة الانتخابات تحصيل حاصل.. ولن نعترف بالرئيس المقبل
The "opponents" [of that election]: The election result is a truism ...
and we don't recognize the coming president.

قال عدد من النشطاء الداعين إلى مقاطعة الانتخابات الرئاسية، إنهم لن يعترفوا بالرئيس القادم،لأنه سيكون بلا شرعية
Some complaining activists favouring a boycott of the presidential elections are saying they won't accept the coming president because he will not be legitimate.

[Source: Al-Misry Al-Youm on June 17, 2012 ]

وقفة احتجاجية لحملة مقاطعون الانتخابات
Protest [arising] from campaigners [favouring] a boycott of the elections.

[Another headline at Al-Misry Al-Youm]

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Egypt - Post-Electoral Evaluation

Last UPDATE on Saturday June 30, 2012:
Today, Mohammad Morsy should be officially declared President of Egypt. Tens of thousands of supporters are being assembled on Tahrir Square in Kairo where Morsy is expected to deliver a speech prior to his inauguration as a president of his country.

Al-Jazeera TV, Arabic channel, on June 30, 2012:

الرئيس المصري المنتجب محمد مرسي يؤدي اليوم اليمين رسميا أمام المحكمة الدستورية العليا و يخطب في جامعة القاهرة

The elected president of Egypt, Mohammad Morsy, [feels honoured] to swear the presidential oath today before the Supreme Constitutional Court and deliver a speech at the University of Kairo.


Above: Israel's president Shimon Peres in an interview with CNN on June 12 where he praised the Arab Spring after having noted that he never had any problems with Egypt's former president Mubarak.

Al-Jazeera, Arabic wesite, on June 29, 2012:

صعود محمد مرسي بالعين الإسرائيلية

The advancement of Mohammad Morsy in the focus of Israel

قطع صعود الدكتور محمد مرسي بفوزه بانتخابات الرئاسية المصرية, الشك باليقين بالنسبة للحولة العبرية الصهيونية و لساستها و قادتها الأمنيين و العسكريين ...

The victorious advancement of Doctor Mohammad Morsy in the presidential elections of Egypt has raised doubts of credibility [concerning] the percentage [i.e. of his victory] among the [powerful and important] Zionists and their [cowboys / stablemen] and those in command of their security and military ...

الذين بقوا حتى اللحظات الأخيرة يراهنون على فوز محسوب و مدروس للعرشح الفريق أحمد شفيق, وله بنسبة ضئيلة

... who vigorously and up to the last moments were taking bets for the favorized and [intensely considered] victory of the candidate [representing] the faction of Ahmad Shafiq with a modest [lead of votes].


Al-Jazeera TV on June 28, 2012
(translation of subtitles):

الرئيس المصري المنتخب: رجال الصحافة و الاعلام أكبر من التوجيه أو الاحتواء

The elected Egyptian president: Men of the press and [other] media [are] most benevolent or of much comprehension [i.e. to the cause of the revolution].

الرئيس المصري المنتخب: لا مجال للغة التخوين في كافة مناحي العمل

The elected Egyptian president: There is no place for the language of [treason] in all aspects of action.

مرسي يدعو إلى مؤتمر جامع موسع يمثل فيه كافة الإعلاميين في كل المجالات

Morsy calls for a large united conference that represents all [different opinions] in all fields [i.e. of society].

مرسي يدعو إلى مؤتمر اعلامي جامع تخرج عنه توصيات تتحول إلى سلوك حقيقى يتوافق عليه الجميع

Morsy calls for a united conference [of consultations] to reject the commands that are turning into "right behaviour" what is [already] accepted by everybody.

عدد من الأحزاب المصرية تعلن تشكيل تيار سياسي مدني جديد تحت اسم التيار الثالث

Numerous Egyptian parties announced the formation of a civil political current under the name of "Third Current".

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Egypt - Morsy Overthrown

Anti-Morsy demonstrations on Tahrir Square
and in front of the presidential palace.
Pro-Morsy demonstrators gather in Nasr City.

الجيش المصري يعزل الرئيس محمد مرسي

Egypt's Military Deposes President Mohammad Morsy

Cairo is presenting a surreal picture of huge demonstrations pro- and contra-Morsy while representatives of the Egyptian opposition assemble side by side with the military they once critisized in order to express their support of that military coup d`état directed against an elected president.

President Morsy is reported to be held under house arrest. While the constitution has been suspended as well by Egypt's military council, chief justice Adli Mansour has been named as interim president of Egypt until a new round of presidential elections that should follow as soon as possible.

البرادعي: انتخابات رئاسية مبكرة
من خلال توافق على دستور ديمقراطي

[There will be] premature presidential elections, based
on correspondence with a democratic constitution.

مراسل الجزيرة:ـ
انقطاع بث قناة مصر 25 الناطقة باسم جماعة الإخوان المسلمين

Al-Jazeera's reporter:
Channel Egypt 25, speaking for the community of the Muslim Brotherhood, has stopped its emission.

[Source: Al-Jazeera, Arabic and English channel, on July 3, 2013]


الرئيس المصري يدعو على "فيسبوك" إلى تشكيل حكومة ائتلافية

The Egyptian president is demanding on Facebook the formation of a coalition government.

The Al-Arabiya article above confirms that Morsy is not allowed to travel and has to refrain from any rethoric as well as public appearance. The inserted picture is showing the demonstration on Tahrir Square in Cairo.

[Source: Al-Arabiya on July 3, 2013]


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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Egypt - Morsy's Referendum - UPDATE

- Last UPDATE for Referendum Results on December 18 -

مصر: جبهة الانقاذ الوطني ترفض الاستفتاء على الدستور

Egypt: The Front for National Salvation Rejects
the Referendum on a Constitution.

Yesterday, December 8, 2012, the English channel of Al-Jazeera came with news of Egypt's president Morsy withdrawing his decrees that should have given him additional powers and the decision to put his own constitutional draft to public vote. Oppositional groups are refusing their support of what can be seen as a referendum on the disputed constitutional decrees.

Today, December 9, that information was confirmed by a report from the Arabic service of BBC, London (above screenshot from their website).

Here now two comments from political groups that voiced their protest against Morsy during last days' violent uprisings in the streets of Cairo. Both had been quoted by the Arabic service of Al-Jazeera the day before:

جبهة الإنقاذ الوطني المعارضة تعقد اليوم اجتماعا لإعلان موقفها من الإعلان الدستوري

Today, the oppositional Front for National Salvation [is complicating] the [national] assembly's announcement of their position in the proclamation [of a constitution].

[The Front for National Salvation is no political party but a national alliance founded by presidential candidate Al-Baradei in order to organize a widespread opposition against Morsy's decrees that would have promoted the president's personal powers.]

رئيس حزب الوسط: الإعلان الجديد تضمن حلولا لكل المعضلات التي ثار جدل بشائنها

The president of the Al-Wasat party says the new proclamation assures [its] occurrence in all difficulties that are [spreading] dispute with their insulting [character].

[The Al-Wasat party is a more liberal group that broke away from the Muslim Brotherhood. It proclaims a moderate Islamism. The "new proclamation" mentioned in the above text is referring to a constitutional draft proclamation recently presented by Egypt's president Morsy.]


News from the First Round of the Referendum
Released on December 16 by Al-Jazeera :

دعوات للإعادة بعد تفوق "نعم" باستفتاء مصر

Headline: Calls for a repetition [i.e. of voting] after predominance of "yes" [votes] in the Egyptian referendum.

أظهرت النتائج الأولية من المرحلة الأولى للاستفتاء على الدستور المصري تأييد نحو 57% له و معارضة 43% وسط انقسام بين المؤيدين و المعارضين, و دعت منظمات حقوقية إلى إعادة المرحلة الأولى لما و صفته بخروق شابت العملية

Basic results from the first round of the referendum on Egypt's constitution are showing a 57% support [i.e. for president Morsy's constitutional draft] and a 43% opposition [dividing] supporters and opposers while juridical organizations are calling for a repetition of that first round and are denouncing "ruptures" that are corrupting the process.

Additional information from Al-Arabiya on December 16, 2012:

Headline: Egypt's opposition is calling for a repetition of polling in the referendum.

The above photo is showing the decisive figures of Egypt's opposition: Amr Moussa, Mohammad Al-Baradei and Hamdin Sabahi (right to left).


Society news from Egypt by Al-Arabiya on December 17, 2012:

قالت الإعلامية منى الشاذلي, مساء اليوم الأحد عبر قناة "إم بي سي مصر", إنه تم القبض على الحارس الخاص لخيرت الشاطر,ـ نائب مرشد جماعة الإخوان المسلمين

On Sunday evening [i.e. December 16] the journalist Mona al-Shazly told on [TV] channel MBC Egypt being decided to seize as the "bodyguard for the benefits of sharing" a vice-councillor to the community of the Muslim Brotherhood.

[Editor's Note: Mona al-Shazly was a popular talk show host on Egypt's Dream 2 TV channel where she became known for her talk sessions with high-ranking politicians. Her new employer MBC Egypt is a brandnew channel owned by the Dubai-based group MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center).]


UPDATE for December 18 quoting Al-Jazeera, Arabic channel:

الجمعية التأسيسية لوضع الدستور في مصر تدعو البرادعي و موسى و صباحي للحوار يوم الجمعة القادم

The constitutional assembly, assigned to bring about the [new] constitution of Egypt, invited [Mohammad] al-Baradei, [Amr] Moussa and [Hamdin] Sabahi [to participate] in a dialogue to be held next Friday.

مساعد وزير العدل المصري ينفي إشراف أي شخص غير القضاة على المرحلة الأولى من الاستفتاء

The Egyptian vice-minister of justice refuses to supervise [anybody] not belonging to the jurisdiction during the first round of the referendum.

مؤشرات تصويت المصريين بالخارج تظهر تأييدا للدستور بنسبة 69% في نحو 30 دولة أبرزها دول الخليج

Egyptian [citizens] abroad registered for polling are showing a 69% support for the constitution in 30 countries, especially in the Gulf states.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Egypt - Morsy Treating the Military - Sinai War

UPDATE on Sinai War further down !

مرسي: لا بد من الوفاء لمن كانوا أوفياء
Morsy: It is the inevitable compensation for those [named as being loyal].

Yesterday evening, the Arabic service of Al-Jazeera made a life transmission of a speech held by Egypt's President Morsy on Tahrir Square in Kairo. In that speech Mohammad Morsy announced decisions that are unspokenly designed to reduce the Military Council's power and get other institutions of state under control.

مصر: قرارات رئاسية مفاجئة
Egypt: Surprising Presidential Decisions

إلغاء الإعلان الدستوري المكمل

Invalidation of the proclamation of a constitutional supplement.

إحالة المشير طنطاوي للتقاعد, و تعيينه مستشارا للرئيس

Designation of Marshal Tantawi to take his retreat and his appointment as a presidential councillor.

إحالة سامي عنان للتقاعد و تعيينه مستشارا للرئيس

Designation of Sami Anan to take his retreat and his appointment as a presidential councillor.

[Sami Anan is another high-ranking officer.]

تعيين عبد الفتاح السيسي وزيرا للدفاع و الانتاج الحربي

Appointment of Abdelfatah al-Siasi as a minister of defence and [arms production].

New Defence Minister

تعيين المستشار محمود محمد مكي نائب لرئيس الجمهورية

Appointment of councillor Mahmud Mohammad Maki as a vice-president of the republic.

تعيين صدقي صبحي رئيسا لأركان الجيش المصري

Appointment of Sadiqi Sabahi as a [chairman] of the general staff for the Egyptian forces.

تعيين اللواء محمد العصار مساعدا لوزير الدفاع

Appointment of brigadier Mohammad al-Azar as a [vice-minister] of defence.

تعيين مهاب مميش رئيسا منتدبا لهيئة قناة السويس

Appointment of Mahab Mumish as a [chairman] of delegates in the Suez Canal committee.


The actual development reported above might be influenced by what is happening now on Sinai peninsula:

For the first time since the 1979 peace treaty with Israel: Shooting again on Sinai. However, this time it is triggered off by militant Islamist groups who are trying to bring under their control that region which is bordering the Palestinian territory of Gaza. As free traffic to and from Egypt is not yet guaranteed to Palestinian citizens who are being pressurized by Israeli boycott and military incursions, some kind of underground war at the border has been kept running for years while, even worse, military access for Egyptian troops to the border region has been restricted as a consequence of the 1979 treaty.

Now, a certain amount of troops is being allowed into that quasi-demilitarized zone and, what is even more important, local Bedouins are willing to support them in order to get rid of the militant strangers. [Source: BBC, August 10]

This might be due to the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood standing behind their new president. An increase of power for Mohammad Morsy might therefore be part of a deal with the military.

السلطات المصرية ترسل تعزيزات عسكرية إلى العريش في شمال سيناء

Egyptian authorities are sending military reinforcement to Al-Arish in the northern part of Sinai.

مراسل الجزيرة في القاهرة: الرئيس المصري محمد مرسي يلتقي وزير الدفاع لبحث مستجدات الأوضاع في سيناء

According to Al-Jazeera's reporter in Kairo, the Egyptian President Mohammad Morsy meets with the minister of defence in order to examine new conditions for Sinai.

[Source: Al-Jazeera, August 9]


UPDATE on August 16, 2012

As to a recent attack on the pipeline providing natural gas to Israel, Al-Arabiya reported the standpoint of Egyptian army commanders on that subject. [Al-Arabiya, August 16, 2012]

الجبهة السلفية بسيناء تتبنى ضرب خطوط الغاز

The "Salafist Front of Sinai" take responsibility for hitting the gas [pipe]line.

ناشدت قادة الجيش حقن الدماء معتبرة أنهم يجرونها إلى معركة

Army commanders, intending to avoid an expected bloodshed, demanded to risk an [open] battle.

أحقنوا الدماء التي تسيل وستسيل إذا استمر هذا العدوان فأنتم تجروننا إلى معركة

Avoid the shedding of [your] blood that is flowing and will flow as long as that hostility is continuing, [rather than will be flowing in a battle].

A distinguished visitor to "blueprint news" from the United Arab Emirates:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Presidential Elections in Egypt - Morsy Speaking

Latest UPDATE further down !

مؤتمر صحفي لحملة المرشح في انتخابات الرئاسة المصرية محمد مرسي

Press conference in the campaign of Mohammed Morsy, candidate in the presidential elections of Egypt.

Yesterday, June 14, Mohammed Morsy who is running for presidency in Egypt on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood and their political party, summoned a press conference. The following stances have been quoted by Al-Jazeera TV, Arabic channel, in their Arabic subtitles:

مرسي: الثورة التي أزاحت مبارك ما زالت قائمة و نحن قادرون على التحدي

Morsy [said]: "The revolution that ousted Mubarak did not [yet] finish with the [state] and we are [still] able to resist."

مرسي: هناك من يحاول و يسعى و يدبر بسوء لشعب مصر و يريد العبث بإرادته

Morsy: "Here [are] those who are trying to [continue] and are attending to organize the misfortune of the Egyptian people. And [those who] wish [such] mocking out of their [own] decision."

مرسي: إما أن نعيد حق الشهداء ممن قتلهم و إما أن نكون شهداء مثلهم و هذا أمر لا رجعة فيه

Morsy: "Should we celebrate the right of being witness to those who killed you and whom we witnessed presenting [in public] themselves and that irrevocable order."

مرسي: مستمر في خوض معركتي الانتخابية و نحن قادرون على تحقيق أهداف ثورتنا

Morsy: "Constantly in my electioneering campaign we were able to define the goals of our revolution."

مرسي يحذر بأن هناك ثورة جديدة ستندلع إذاتم تزوير إرادة الشعب المصري

Morsy warns that a new revolution [starting] from here would trigger off a distorted manifestation of the Egyptian people's [real] will.

Al-Ahram cartoon showing both opposing candidates in the presidential elections of Egypt: Morsy (left) and Shafiq (right). By the way, Mubarak's former prime minister Shafiq is known for his support of women's rights while Morsy has been characterized by some old-fashioned outfit which might hint at his conservative Muslimic attitude.

The presentation of Mohammed Morsy in the above cartoon reminds me of a funny story from my old book of Arabic lessons. It's about a person with a similar (traditional) outfit and who is named Djukhan. That guy who I understand is some kind of Arabic punch finds it difficult to be accepted by his neighbours as there is always somebody pointing at him and critisizing what he is doing. That story is showing how difficult it can be to satisfy all of your neighbours who are pestering with all of their lousy comments. Maybe, the West and Israel are having problems with Mohammed Morsy because he is representing such kind of person, rooted in the culture of his region rather than being a sneak opportunist ready for any deal whatsoever.

Mubarak - "The End of the Pharao".
Title of Al-Ahram on June 9, 2012.

News UPDATE on June 16, 2012:

Trouble after Court Intervention

- Quoted from BBC -

Egyptians are voting in a two-day run-off election to choose their first freely elected president.
The build-up to this weekend's run-off has been marred by a Supreme Constitutional Court decision that parliament had to be dissolved.

On Thursday, a panel of judges - appointed by Mr Mubarak - ruled that the law governing Egypt's first democratic elections in more than six decades was unconstitutional because party members were allowed to contest seats in the lower house reserved for independents.

Mr Mursi's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) won about 100 of its 235 seats in the People's Assembly by running candidates for individual seats. The ultraconservative Salafist Nour party also enjoyed similar success in seats designated for independents.

If parliament is dissolved swiftly by the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (Scaf), whoever wins this weekend's presidential run-off could take office without the oversight of a sitting parliament, and without a permanent constitution to define his powers or duties.

Islamist, liberals and scholars denounced the ruling as a "coup", saying they feared the ruling generals would take back legislative power.

Meanwhile, the Nobel laureate and former head of the UN's nuclear watchdog, Mohamed ElBaradei, warned that Egypt was suffering under worse conditions now than under Mr Mubarak.


Egypt's presidential election turns toxic amid anger over 'stolen revolution'


Egyptian dream of democracy fading, as presidential runoff sees a disillusioned electorate forced to choose between 'Islamic rule' or 'the old regime'.


Title of Al-Ahram on June 16, 2012:

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Morsy in Tehran - Unexpected Speech

Important UPDATE on Iran for September 2, 2012, further down !

On Thursday, August 30, the Egyptian president Mohamed Morsy held a speech at the 16th meeting of non-aligned nations in Tehran that was intended to find a solution for the Syria conflict.

Morsy's visit in itself raised much astonishment in the West and, perhaps, new fears of a possible alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt and the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, the fact that Morsi chose to accept the Iranian invitation to be in Tehran, with which Cairo has not had full diplomatic relations for three decades, was itself a revolutionary move.

Astonishment could have been nourished as well by some religious remarks Morsy made in his speech. After his usual reference to the Prophet Mohamed, he praised the Prophet's family which could have been seen as a positive signal towards his predominantly Shia hosts.

But Morsy went further than that and paid the most unusual tribute in a political speech at an international summit to the "close associates" of Prophet Mohamed: Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali, accepted by Sunni Muslims as the first four pious and rightly guided rulers or caliphs. After Ali, the following dynasty of caliphs installed their capital in Damascus.

" The reference to Ali, the most holy member of the Prophet Mohamed's family in the eyes of [Shia Muslims], could have been perceived by Morsi's Shia audience in the conference hall as flattering had it not come after references to Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman, who are abhorred by Shias and whose role in early Muslim history is not even mentioned in the history books of Iranian schools " [Quotation from the Egyptian source ahramonline on August 30, 2012].

This and further unexpected remarks should have left Morsy in the memory of his auditorium as a remarkable politician of a brandnew generation with strong religious and historic ties. His remarks probably intended to define a common cultural background for the countries whose delegates he was facing during his speech.

The following quotations have been taken from an article on Al-Arabiya's website on August 31, 2012:

ترحيب عربي بالترضية عن أبو بكر وعمر في قلب طهران

Warm Arabic welcome of satisfaction for Abu Bakr and Omar in the center of Tehran.

ليذهب كل رؤساء العرب إلى إيران إذا كانوا سيصدحون بالحق مثل مرسي

As to the departure of all Arabic presidents to Iran there would [have been called] Morsy with the same right.

إيران تقحم البحرين بخطاب مرسي وتحذف أبوبكر وعمر

Iran is [challenging] Bahrain with a speech of Morsy and [its reminding of Bahrain's] suppression [by] Abu Bakr and Omar.

[Editor's Note: This text is referring to historic fighting of rebels in the early times of Islam.]

As to the legal background of the Tehran summit, it should be added that an Islamic intellectual and Saudi activist, Doctor Saliman Auda, had appealed to the leaders of non-aligned Arabic and Islamic states to leave for Tehran which in some way reduced the official role of the Iranian regime and might have made it easier for Morsy [or others] to attend that conference.

Morsy in Tehran - Arabic Press Review (above)


Further News from Iran

إيران تجري مناورات ضخمة لأنظمة الدفاع الجوي

Iran is realizing considerable maneuvers under the aspect of air defense.

الجيش والحرس الثوري يشاركان في محاكاة لمواقف طارئة

Army and revolutionary guards participating in an imitation of extraordinary situations.

[Source: Al-Arabiya on September 1, 2012]


Iran's Alliance with North Korea


On September 2, Taiwan's [broadband network] quoted the [following] news from Iran's National TV:
Iran and North Korea signed an agreement on cooperation in science and technology. Its content [is comprising] the provision of [information] on science and technology, energy resources, environmental protection and agriculture. At the same time, both countries intend to work together in the setting up of laboratories.


According to the news report, Iran's president Nejad and Kim [Yong Nan], chief of the delegation of North Korea's People's Conference attending the summit of the non-aligned [nations'] movement in Tehran, came together for the signing ceremony of an agreement. Nejad said that U.S. imperialism in addition to oppressing North Korea also oppresses Iran, because the U.S. don't wish both countries' independence and don't wish they might become powerful.

[Editor's Note: The above mentioned Korean family name of Ahmadi Nejad's counterpart is "Kim" while his first name can only be given in the Chinese Pinyin romanization.] [Source: on September 2, 2012]