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South China Sea - Official Report

Last Update: June 23


The "2017 South China Sea Navigation Research Report"
was officially released.

The Research Report on the Navigation Status in the South China Sea in 2017 was issued by the China Institute of Navigation and Shanghai Maritime University (SMU).

研究表明,除渔业活动外,南海水域内推荐航路主要适用于通往中国沿海、日韩、 东南亚各国港口之间以及欧美等的商船,航路以西南/东北向为主,总体上根据 季节可分为东线、中线和西线,其中中线是主要航路。“在上述三类商船推荐航线中, 不同季节的航线选择与分布,均远离岛礁区或与岛礁区保持有足够的安全距离。” 黄有方说。[上海海事大学校长黄有方]

Studies have shown that except for fishing activities, the recommended routes in the South China Sea area are mainly suiting merchant ships connecting the ports of China's coastal area, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries with each other and, as well, with Europe and the United States.

The routes are mainly in the southwestern/northeastern direction, and are generally classified according to the season of the year as the eastern line, the central line, and the western line, where the central line is the main route.

“Among the above mentioned three recommended types of merchant shipping routes, choice and distribution of any route during different seasons ensures distance from island reef areas or maintains a sufficient safety distance from the island reef area,” said Huang You Fang.
[Huang You Fang is President of Shanghai Maritime University and co-author of the quoted report]

船位数据统计与分析表明,2017年3月和6月南海水域的船舶总数分别为7909艘次和 7502艘次,以大于3万吨级的船舶为主,月船舶数量与2016年基本保持平衡。除天气 (热带风暴)影响和节能控速外,船舶在该水域航行是自由、顺畅的。南海水域商船 推荐航路被过往船舶反复自由选用,水域中船舶的流量、船长、船宽和吃水总体上较大, 船舶平均航速稳定;过往南海船舶的船籍港遍布世界近70个主要航运国家或地区, 航经南海的国家或地区的船舶总运力匹配全球189个国家或地区前50船队总吨位的 92%以上。

The statistics and analysis of the ship's position data show that the total number of ships in the South China Sea waters in March and June 2017 was 7,909 and 7,502, respectively. Ships with a size greater than 30,000 tons were mainly used. The number of ships per month remained basically balanced with that of 2016.

Except from weather related effects (tropical storms) and energy-saving speed control, ships are freely and smoothly sailing in these waters. The recommended merchant shipping routes for the South China Sea have been repeatedly and freely selected by ships coming and going. Flow, length, width and water draught of ships in these waters is comparatively large, and the average speed of the ship is stable.

In the past, the shipping ports of the South China Sea were reached by 70 major shipping countries in the world. The total shipping capacity of national or regional sailing through the South China Sea matched more than 92% of the total tonnage of the top 50 fleets in 189 countries or regions.

[Chinanews 中国新闻网 June 20, 2018]


[China testing unmanned boats in the South China Sea]
The unit of unmanned ships has adopted the artificial
intelligence (AI) that seriously damaged our country.

Formation of unmanned boats showing the Chinese characters
军民 meaning "the army and the people".

Recently and in the vicinity of the Wanshan Island group that belongs to the South China Sea, a unit of 56 unmanned ships has conducted large-scale "multi-boat synergy" technical tests. These unmanned naval vessels use artificial intelligence technology to control and communicate with each other. This test was intended to demonstrate the potential of Chinese "sea drones" in their future maritime military operations.

[SOHU 搜狐 on June 18, 2018]

US opinion on China's military build-up in the South China Sea.

A brandnew Chinese video from June 23 dealing with planned British and French
navy drills in the South China Sea. It's mostly about an evaluation of naval power
in the frame of "punishing" China for militarizing its maritime zone of influence.


Chinese visitor and his requested site: US Tariffs - China Strikes Back.

Another brandnew Chinese video from June 23 is dealing with countermeasures
against US tariffs. This time it's about American soy beans and cotton. It should
be noted that North America is the most important provider of cotton worldwide.

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US visitor and his requested site: 70 Years ago End of World War II.

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