Monday, June 04, 2018

North Korea - Military Leaders Replaced

Last Update: June 5

According to US and South Korean sources, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un should have replaced three leading officials of North Korea's people's army.

This happened prior to direct talks between Kim and US president Trump in Singapore and can be seen as a hint to differences within Kim's inner circle.

The replacements are seen as a strengthening of the ruling Workers Party's influence on North Korea's armed forces.

英媒曝金正恩内阁分歧 三名最高军官均已被撤职

British media expose differences in Kim Jong-un's cabinet.
Three high-ranking military officials are completely dismissed.

他们是朝鲜人民武装力量部部长朴勇植(Pak Yong Sik), 朝鲜人民军总参谋长李明洙(Ri Myong-su), 朝鲜人民军总政治局局长金正觉( Kim Jong-gak)。

They are the minister of North Korea's people's armed forces Pak Yong Sik, the chief of the general staff of North Korea's people's army Ri Myong-su and the chief of the political bureau of North Korea's people's army Kim Jong-gak.

[DW 多维新闻网 quoting South Korea's news agency Yonhap on 3rd June, 2018]

Some former chief of the political bureau of the armed forces
who had been replaced earlier in February 2018. []

Sino - North Korean Relations:


China sends an army general to North Korea.

General Jin Tao Shao 金涛少将 arrives in Pyongyang
to replace the military attaché at the Chinese embassy.

[SINA 新浪 quoting 长安街知事 on June 5]

Air China resumes air traffic between Beijing and Pyongyang on June 6, 2018.


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