Saturday, April 14, 2018

Syria - US Shelling Damascus

This morning US, British and French forces launched an attack on military bases operated by the Syrian national army of president Basher Assad. Three attacks were intended to disable Syria's capability to apply chemical weapons.

A composite map of Syrian military bases related to chemical weapons
research or storage and which were targeted by a joint US-British-French
airstrike. The US Pentagon claimed the destruction of all targets and said
allied forces applied 103 cruise missiles. Russia claimed the interception
of 71 missiles and which is rejected by the alliance. However, a total of
$ 164 million for the cruise missiles only was burnt within one single hour
in a country already devastated and divided between different militias and
regular troops.

US president Donald Trump announcing airstrikes on Syrian military bases.
Notification made by Syrian army spokesman on a Damascus TV channel.
Damascus TV shows demonstration of regime supporters. [AFP, Paris]

US airstrike on Syrian base in the outskirts of Damascus. Gunfire and detonations.
[Al-Hadath الحدث, news channel of Al-Arabiya العربية in Dubai]

تركيا: أمريكا لم تستخدم قاعدة إنجريليك في ضربات سوريا

Turkey: America didn't use Incirlik [air] base to hit Syria.

الحرس الثوري الإيراني: على واشنطن أن تترقب تبعات عدوانها على سوريا

Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Washington has to await
the consequences for its aggressions towards Syria.

[Sputnik, Arabic language service of the Russian news center on 14 April 2018]

سرائيل: الضربات بقيادة أمريكا في سوريا فرضت الخط الأحمر في سوريا

Israel: The blows in Syria [on behalf of] the US
leadership are imposing a " red line " on Syria.

[Euronews, Arabic language service on 14 April 2018]


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