Thursday, April 12, 2018

Israel Awaiting Iranian Retaliation

After an Israeli attack on some Iranian airfield and drone operations facility in Syria and which killed seven military advisers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Israel is now awaiting Iranian retaliation. Iranian sources already made clear that this would not go unanswered.

تأهب إسرائيلي تحسباً لرد إيراني

Israel is preparing for a foreseeable Iranian response.

[Al-Bayan البيان from the United Arab Emirates on 12 April 2018]

نتانياهو يحذر ايران: "لا تختبروا عزيمة اسرائيل"ـ

Netanyahu warning Iran " Don't test Israel's determination ".

[swissinfo , Arabic language evening news on 11 April 2018]

For the original article: Israel's Attack on Syrian T-4 Airbase 'Won't Go Unpunished' – Iranian Journalist

[Sputnik, journalist opinion from government related Russian news service in its evening news on 11 April 2018]

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