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Trump - Preparing War on Iran ?

An important update included on February 7, 2017:
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "thanked" Trump for having
revealed the "true face of America" => view video !

In the frame of recent Iranian missile tests, U.S. president Donald Trump is going to loose his temper. After having warned Iran of preferring a policy "less cosy" than that of his predecessor President Obama, the White House is indicating an uncompromising way of treating Iran as the most important source of all evil in Middle Eastern developments.

However, any military blow on Iran that is intended to extinguish its military capabilities (including the nuclear ones) will not be such an easy-going affair like the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq because Iran is an important regional power with own armament industries and an army well-equipped with high-end Russian missile technology.

This might be rather a nice opportunity for some contest by proxy of brandnew U.S. and Russian weaponry with president Putin on the opposite side of the war game and who was only recently defended by Trump as "just one of many other murderers" [Fox News], an evaluation that sounds almost like some kind of "honouring the knight".

If by some "unforeseen" military incident Trump would be "forced" to declare war on Iran and, simultaneously, declare a state of emergency in his own country, this would certainly affect civil rights and the activity of all those who are now still fighting against Trump's rule of madness.

اول اعتراض روسي على ترامب: ايران ليست دولة ارهابية

First Russian protest targeting Trump: Iran no terrorist country.

[Source: Shafaq News شفق نيوز, Iraq, on February 6, 2017]

On February 7, 2017, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
caustically thanked "political newcomer" Trump for having revealed
the "true face of America". [Source: New York Times]

يران تكشف قريبا عن خمسة إنجازات عسكرية

Iran is soon to unveil five military achievements.

أعلنت وزارة الدفاع الإيرانية على موقعها الإلكتروني أنها ستكشف النقاب عما وصفتها بخمسة إنجازات عسكرية جديدة في مجال الدفاع الجوي والبري، وذلك بحضور وزير الدفاع حسين دهقان ومع اقتراب "عيد انتصار الثورة".ـ

The Iranian Ministry of Defense declared on its website that it would unveil what they described as five new military achievements in the area of defense air and land [as published on Twitter] in the presence of Defense Minister Hussein Dehghan with the approach of the "triumph of the revolution" celebrations.

[Source: Al-Jazeera online الجزيرة نت on February 6, 2017]

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Iran warns U.S. not to make a problem over missile test.

Iranian state-of-the-art military drone technology,
partly based on captured U.S. stealth drone used
for spying on Iran. Military hackers diverted the
aircraft and brought it down undamaged [IRNA].

Iran - Military Power 2016

Iran Begins Massive Military Drill Ahead Of Trump Presidency
(Dec.18, 2016 news headlines including an outlook on Trump's
first guidelines of foreign policy)


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