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North Korea - Kim Jong Nam Killed

Breaking News Update added on February 24 ........... 中国于朝鲜的联系在时局
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Kim Jong Nam killing in a series of news videos.
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On February 13, Kim Jong Nam (photo), elder brother to North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un was assassinated at Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia. While North Korea's ambassador to Malaysia denies the identity of the poisoned victim, saying it was some other North Korean, Malaysia has triggered off a comprehensive investigation and called on Pyongyang's ambassador to cooperate.

Kim Jong Nam (above) is known for having criticized the North Korean regime.

朝鲜大使拒认死者是金正男 称验DNA可笑

N Korean ambassador refuses to accept the dead being Kim Jong Nam
and is calling a DNA test "ridiculous".
[New Tang Dynasty TV, Feb. 20]

An airport surveillance camera is showing Kim Jong Nam being approached by a young woman. Nam was shortly blindfolded by one woman's hands coming from behind his head. That should have been the moment of the poisoning.

Among the arrested persons one woman could be identified as Siti Aisyah, an Indonesian citizen from Serang, West Java (Bantan, Greater Jakarta). She told authorities having been approached in a shopping center the month before by a man who introduced himself as a Japanese delegate and who seemed to be wealthy. He should have given her a tiny sum of money and allegedly convinced her to take part in a TV prank.

In the evening of February 17, Malaysian police arrested as well the 46-year-old Chosun nationality suspect Lee Jong Chol.

[Source: China Press 中国报, Chinese news service in Malaysia on February 19, 2017]

姜哲对47岁的朝鲜特工李正哲(Ri Jong-Chol,音译)被捕表示不满,他说:〝上周五,大马便衣警探突击1名朝鲜人位于吉隆坡的公寓,在完全没有搜查令或证据的情况下,用武力逮捕他。〞

As to the 47-year-old special agent Lee Jong Chol, now under arrest, [..... North Korea's am-bassador .....] showed discontent. He said: " Last Friday [i.e. Feb. 17], [.....] plainclothes police attacked a North Korean at some Kuala Lumpur lodging house. That happened in the complete absence of a search warrant or evidence while armed force was applied to arrest [that man]."

[Source: New Tang Dynasty TV 新唐人TV on February 20, 2017]

Headlines from China TV - CCTV 13
Morning News, February 24, 2017.

Photos of all suspects.


Malaysia: [Covering] the incident of a North Korean male who died in Kuala Lumpur - An official from the North Korean embassy in Malaysia shows discontended with Malaysia's investigation.


North Korea is raising all questionable points [that should be inquired] by Malaysia's investigation.

朝方——马方侵害主权 此举与韩有关

North Korea: The Malaysian side infringes sovereign rights [i.e. of North Korea] - This is in line with South Korea.


North Korea: The Malaysian side doesn't move the corpse [i.e. back to N Korea] out of bad intentions.

Editor's note: The Malaysian side insists on caring for an autopsy which is taking some time in a complicated case like this.

[Source: China TV - CCTV 13 on February 24, 2017]

Preliminary Analysis Report related to the Kim Jong Nam Poisoning:

Expert: North Korea "highly probably" behind the Kim Jong Nam killing
outside of China where Kim Jong Nam lived under protection in Macao.
[CNN Report]

Please note:
The whole subject has been covered by a series of videos published by CNN. Their site could be seen as a comprehensive source of all events and background information available by Feb. 27. Many other sources of different origin are offering rather bits of information than an overall view on the Kim Jong Nam killing.

Shortcut of latest information available by February 27
assembled from Chinese, Malaysian and U.S. media:

The timeline of the Kim Jong Nam killing now being fully established, it seems that one secretary of the North Korean embassy in K.L. and a representative of the North Korean airline might be involved. Their cooperation has been requested by Malaysian police but was turned down by the embassy. However, Malaysian police is not willing to accept the North Korean position as a high-ranking police officer unequivocally indicated.

During the days of Kim Jong Nam's autopsy, an unauthorized intrusion into the Kuala Lumpur morgue was foiled.

As to the girls who actually committed the assassination, a Vietnamese woman that blindfolded Kim Jong Nam and an Indonesian woman that probably applied deadly VX nerve agent from a vaporizer, their cover story of being convinced to make part of a TV joke has failed to work. At the time VX was found on their bodies, both girls seemed to be either healthy (the Vietnamese) or suffering from "rather small problems" (the Indonesian). This could be seen as a proof that both were prepared in advance with the antidote, a common drug usually available in many hospitals, such that they should have known what they were doing.


A visitor from Thailand reminding how Kim Jong Un gets rid of "traitors":
North Korea - Important Change in Staff

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