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Yemen - U.S. Chasing Iranian Convoy

Last Update added on 27th April 2015

أميركا تؤكد سحب إيران سفنها.. والأخيرة تنفي

America confirms the withdrawal of Iranian ships ..... and last dementi.

نفى قائد البحرية الإيرانية أن تكون سفن بلاده قد غادرت المياه الدولية في خليج عدن قبالة اليمن، وأكد أن السفن لا تزال موجودة هناك بهدف تأمين السفن التجارية الإيرانية.ـ

The Iranian navy commander denied that ships of his country abandoned international waters in the Gulf of Aden facing Yemen and stressed that [=> his navy's] ships would not leave from there in order to secure the Iranian merchant ships.

وكان مسؤولون أميركيون أعلنوا أن واشنطن سحبت حاملة الطائرات "ثيودور روزفلت" والبارجة "نورماندي" من سواحل اليمن، بعدما غيرت قافلة سفن إيرانية كانت متجهة إلى اليمن مسارها وعادت أدراجها.ـ

U.S. officials made known that Washington withdrew the aircraft carrier "Theodor Roosevelt" and battleship "Normandy" from the coasts of Yemen. Things had changed after a convoy of Iranian ships, heading to Yemen, turned back on track.

القافلة كانت تضم 9 سفن إيرانية، منها اثنتان حربيتان كانت في طريقها إلى اليمن على ما يبدو، إلا أن مسؤولاً أميركياً أفاد أن السفن الإيرانية تحركت إلى الشمال الشرقي مبتعدة عن اليمن.ـ

The convoy comprised nine Iranian ships, including two warships, on their way to Yemen, until it seemed that U.S. officials noted the Iranian ships were moving to the north-east [and] away from Yemen.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on 25-26th April 2015.]

Editor's Note:
Both Iranian navy ships are rather small frigates and belong to the Iranian "Thondor" Type 021-class of missile-boats while the USS Theodor Roosevelt is a 100.000 ton nuclear-powered aircraft carrier known as the "Big Stick" and that is coming together with her escort, the guided missile cruiser USS Normandy. According to western media, the merchant ships of the Iranian convoy are believed to be loaded with weapons for the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

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Update for 27th April 2015:

جنرال إيراني يعترف بدعم بلاده عسكريا للحوثيين في اليمن

Iranian general admits his country offers military support for the Houthis in Yemen.

قال مساعد العمليات في قيادة أركان القوات المسلحة الإيرانية، الجنرال علي شادماني، إن "إيران تدعم الحوثيين بالاستشارات العسكرية والمساعدات المعنوية والإرشادات".ـ

The deputy head of the operations department for the general staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, General Ali Shadmani, said that " Iran is supporting the Houthis with military advice, with moral assistance and instructions ".

[Source: Network for Information Survey شبكة رصد الإخبارية, Kairo, on 27th April 2015]


Iranian visitor, allegedly coming from Heshmatiyeh Prison زندان حشمتیه‎, a
detention center for political prisoners and situated in Iran's capital Tehran.

A BBC report said that Iranian opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and
Mehdi Karroubi, together with their wives, were taken from their homes by
security forces to Heshmatiyeh Prison after their call for demonstrations in
Iran in the frame of Arabic Spring developments in Tunisia / Egypt in 2011.

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