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Evacuation of Foreigners in Yemen

Evening Update for April 6 further down !

Coalition Partners form Committee to Evacuate Civilians in Yemen.

On a press conference held in Riyadh on Saturday April 4, Saudi Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Ahmed Asiri told reporters that a newly formed committee had already coordinated the evacuation of foreigners in Yemen from five countries: Russia, India, Algeria, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Flights organized to evacuate other foreigners in Yemen were also scheduled for Sunday, and included those from China, Djibouti, Egypt and Pakistan. Other countries who have requested their citizens to be evacuated included Britain, Germany, Canada, Jordan and Iraq, he said, adding that the committee was awaiting flights from those countries to arrive in order to begin the evacuation process in full.

All these efforts were coordinated with the countries in question as well as coalition countries, and aircraft from members of Operation Decisive Storm, such as Jordan and Egypt, had helped evacuate Russian civilians from the country on Wednesday, 1st April, Asiri revealed.

In the same week, Russia had requested a stop of all air strikes by the Arabic coalition. A Russian draft resolution to the United Nations demanded "regular and obligatory humanitarian pauses in the air strikes by the coalition to allow all concerned states and international organisations to evacuate their citizens and personnel".

Spokesman Maj. Gen. Asiri confirmed that the Saudi Defense Ministry, which is coordinating the activities of the committee to evacuate civilians in Yemen, is also helping organize procedures to ease and speed up the work of trusted and internationally recognized humanitarian agencies, in order to allow them to reach those most affected by the conflict. The request for a 24-hour ceasefire by the Red Cross could be met according to the spokesman.

[Main sources: Asharq Al-Awsat , English edition, and Sky News on April 5, 2015]


#Storm of Determination عاصفة_الحزم
Arabic Twitter News recorded on April 5, 2015

#عاصفة_الحزم : صد محاولة حفر خنادق على الحدود #السعودية

Storm of Determination: Foiling of an attempt to dig trenches at the border to Saudi Arabia.

[Source: Al-Hadath TV قناة الحدث on April 5, 2015]

المؤشر العام للسوق السعودي

Annual Indicator for the Saudi Market.

It's about the Saudi Tadawul All-Share Index (TASI), which has continued its permanent decay with a record diving since the beginning of Saudi bombing of military targets in Yemen on March 25, 2015.

[Source: @AABO_Nawaf أحمد الدعيج on April 5, 2015]


Evening Update for April 6, 2015:

مقتل 193 بهجمات لميليشيات الحوثي وصالح على عدن

193 died in the attacks on Aden launched by militias
belonging to the Houthis and [ Ali Abdullah ] Saleh.

سفرت الهجمات التي نفذتها الميليشيات الحوثية وميليشيات الرئيس اليمني المخلوع علي عبدالله صالح على عدن، عن مقتل 193 شخصاً وجرح 1000، معظمهم مدنيون، منذ بدء المعارك في المدينة.ـ

In Aden, attacks are spreading that have been staged by Houthi militants and militias of deposed Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh and where 193 people have been killed and 1.000 wounded, most of them citizens, since the beginning of fightings in the town.

[Source: Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath العربية / الحدث on April 6, 2015]

Since the bombing campaign and intense fighting began all over Yemen just over a week ago, some 600 people are estimated to have been killed. Many more have been wounded, and tens of thousands have fled the country. [Source: CNN on April 6, 2015]

The Crisis in Yemen Explained by Bloomberg Business (March 27, 2015)


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