Sunday, October 26, 2014

U.S. Military Support for the Syrian Opposition

UPDATE for October 27 / 29 included further down !

الأميركيون يضعون هيكلاً للمعارضة السورية المسلحة

The Americans are establishing an infrastructure for the armed opposition in Syria.

قدم الأميركيون خطوة مهمة جداً في التعاطي مع الشأن السوري، وأكدت مصادر المعارضة السورية أن قيادة المنطقة الوسطى الأميركية لديها خطة بوضع هيكلية للمعارضة السورية خصوصاً العسكرية، وتريد إنشاء "مجلس عسكري" جديد ويشمل قوى المعارضة السورية المسلحة، ويكون التعاطي من خلال المجلس في شؤون التدريب والتسليح.ـ

The Americans [advanced plannings concerning how] to deal with the Syrian affair, and sources in the Syrian opposition confirmed a plan of the U.S. central command for the region to establish a particularly military infrastructure for the Syrian opposition. The [regional command] wants the creation of a new "military meeting" including the armed force of the Syrian opposition. And there will be exercises in the frame of that meeting regarding instruction and arming.

[Source: Al-Arabiya العربية on October 26, 2014]

U.S. military is obviously targeting the Free Syrian Army to become a partner in their "military meeting" which would make it easier to find support from Turkey. On the other hand, U.S. support for the Kurdish army in Syria is seen with an uneasy eye by Ankara in the frame of Turkey's own interests regarding all regional Kurdish communities.

كوباني.. الأكراد ينفون موافقتهم على دخول الجيش الحر

Only two days before, on October 24, Al-Arabiya reported that Kurds in Syria had refused their consent to the Free Syrian Army entering Kobane after an opposing declaration made by Turkish president Erdogan and regarding the transit of 1300 troops to the besieged town. The Kurdish Alliance for Democracy in Syria was quoted as saying that a second front against ISIS would make no sense.

UPDATE on October 27 / 29:

On October 27 another ISIS attack should have been beaten back in the northern part of Kobane. Kurdish forces are now waiting for reinforcement by Iraqui Peshmerga units, already on their way to Kobane and armed with modern U.S. weaponry.

[Source: IRIB Radio - Voice of Iran on October 27, 2014]

That news has been partly confirmed by ChinaNews Network 中国新闻网 on October 29. The Chinese source is quoted as saying that 150 Kurdish fighters from Iraq are expected to help their Syrian brethren fighting ISIS in Kobane.



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