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Syria - Al-Qaeda on the Rise

Last Update: July 22

طالبان الباكستانية تمد القاعدة في سوريا بمئات المقاتلين ضد الجيش الحر

Pakistani Taliban are [expanding] al-Qaeda in Syria with hundreds of warriors opposing the Free Army.

وجاء اعلان طالبان باكستان بعد ساعات من انذار الجيش الحر للقاعدة بتسليم قتلة كمال حمامي عضو المجلس العسكري للجيش الحر في اللاذقية

[Only] hours after an announcement by the Free Army [that] al-Qaeda [is considered] having killed Kamal Khamami, member of the military council of the Free Army in Latakia, a declaration from Pakistan's Taliban arrived.

[Source: Azzaman الزمان The Epoch, Pan Arab Newspaper, Baghdad - London - Beirut, on July 14, 2013]

Human Rights Network of Syria: More than 1450 mosques have
been either totally or partly destroyed in different regions of Syria.


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Update for July 16, 2013

بعد قاعدة العراق طالبان باكستان تنجذب إلى سوريا

After [leaving their] Iraqi base, Pakistani Taliban are "showing sympathy" for Syria.

Inserted photo: Warriors of the Free Syrian Army being transported in a bus to the region neighbouring Damascus.

يَـتطوّر القتالُ في سوريا إلى صراعٍ ذي تداخلاتٍ إقليمية ودولية متشابكة تـزيدُ من تعقيداته تدخلاتُ تنظيم القاعدة بفرعه العراقي وجماعاتٍ مسلحة من دولٍ أخرى.ـ

The Syrian battle is developing into a complicated regional and international combat [with its multiple] convictions and interventions of al-Qaeda organization's Iraqi branch and armed groups from other countries.

وفي أحدث المؤشرات إلى الزيادة المتنامية لهذه التدخلات إعلانُ حركة طالبان الباكستانية أخيراً أنها أقامت معسكرات ودفعت بمئات المقاتلين إلى سوريا للقتال إلى جانب مقاتلي المعارضة في إطار إستراتيجية تستهدف ترسيخ الصلات مع القيادة المركزية لتنظيم القاعدة.ـ

In the creation of indicators for an increasing [appearance] of such interventions, a declaration from the movement of the Pakistani Taliban to definitely install camps and [deploy] hundreds of warriors in Syria for the common battle of the opposition [can be seen] in a strategic frame that is aiming at a stabilization of connections with the central command for al-Qaeda organization.

[Source: Radio Free Iraq إذاعة العراق الحر on July 16. Please Note ! Radio Free Iraq is affiliated to Radio Free Europe RFE / Radio Liberty RL, a "U.S. friendly" broadcaster. Once targeting Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union from Munich, Western Germany, RFE / RL was relocated to Prague, Czechia, after the Cold War. According to RFE / RL their Iraq service should be an influential pro-democratic station for the people of Iraq with joint facilities in Prague and Baghdad.]


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Update for July 22, 2013


Al-Qaeda organization exposed to the sun the second and improved generation of "pants for bombing" that is already being manufactured.

The Chinese article is citing the Hongkong paper "Eastern Daily" with an announcement made by John Pistole on behalf of the U.S. Administration of Traffic Safety. Pistole is quoted having said that Al-Qaeda is planning the use of such "pants for bombing" on board of airplanes.
The above sketch is showing the detonators (upper part) and the bomb device (lower part) which should contain 250 g of explosives.

I agree that one might have some second thoughts about the subject of that article. However, such "bombing pants" are only a consequent solution for terrorists who are trying to find the weak points of modern security management, just like the notorious "shoe bomber" Richard Reid tried before.

[Source: Global Network 环球网 on July 22, 2013]


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