Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pictures of the Week - Obama in Berlin

Despite problems at home and abroad, U.S. President Obama once again proved his ability to attract a numerous German "fan club" when he came to Berlin on June 18/19, 2013.

Obama planning nuclear disarmament.

Obama behind bullet-proof glass.

No drone attacks guided from Germany.
[B. Obama and German President Gauck]

Obama leaving Berlin.

50 Years Ago ...
U.S. President John F. Kennedy in Berlin:

I vividly remember JFK's visit to West-Berlin in 1963. Crowds of cheering people along his route made it rather impossible to catch a glimpse of that charismatic president. However, we succeeded in getting close to Kennedy when we rode on a motorbike through the deserted Tiergarten park area which is near Brandenburg Gate, an official visiting point for every U.S. president who came to Berlin. There we could see JFK from a three meter distance in his nightblue Lincoln limousine. Weeks before, one of our teachers, some effusive pro-American lady, had already convinced us to install a portrait of Kennedy together with a U.S. flag in one corner of our classroom, - such was enthusiasm at that time. Even though times have changed since as well as some political beliefs, I am still convinced having experienced a historic moment on that day. - Ulysses -

"I regret these Germans are not American voters".

"Whenever you are depressed, then travel to Germany".
- Kennedy's advice to his successor -


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