Tuesday, June 18, 2013

China - Pollution of the Environment before Court

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Tomorrow at 2:00 pm GMT (3:00 pm local time) U.S. President Obama will make a keynote speech during his visit to Berlin almost 50 years after John F. Kennedy declared: 'Ich bin ein Berliner.' He is expected to speak in front of Brandenburg Gate which has been the background of many dramatic events in German history.

Most probably that speech will be covered by CNN and German TV stations. For further information, please, refer to an article published today by The Guardian, London:
Barack Obama follows in footsteps of JFK with speech in Berlin.

Press Conference of the People's Supreme Court of Justice

Today, June 6, People's Network, Beijing, published an article on brandnew standards in the treatment of criminal pollution of the environment in court. A high official belonging to the People's Supreme Court of Justice spoke about that subject on a press conference:


[Main Headline] Both administrations of justice explain:
A reduction of the threshold for penalty measurement
[in case of] conviction [could] deliver a severe blow to
criminal pollution of the environment.


Chairman Hu YunTang from the chamber of research at the People's Supreme Court of Justice said while answering the questions of journalists :


... In view of the current state of environment and a most serious situation of pollution, what might be called unusually grim in some regions, an interpretation by the administration of justice is emphasizing to consider [the application of] a severe blow.


Firstly, a reduction of the threshold for penalty measurement [in case] of conviction of crime concerning pollution of the environment. For example, in the past, a pollution of the environment causing the death of more than one person [led to charges in case of conviction]. Today, [same thing] can happen, if more than one person is seriously wounded. When, in the past, more than three persons died, this [had the quality] of increasing the punishment, while, today, only the death of more than one person is needed for a possible increase of punishment.


Secondly, when a [sentenced] criminal turns into a [habitual] criminal, each pollution of the environment was considered as a standard case in the past. Today, while many standards are being fixed, it only needs a relevant conduct to [serve as] conviction.


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