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Obama and Xi JinPing - Another Historic Meeting ?


Xi JinPing and Obama, on-the-spot report of the meeting:
Discussions not finished at daytime continued at supper.

Chinese language summary from China Radio International CRI

CRI 的纪实来源于《新华网》

Important UPDATE added on June 9 / 10 !

In the frame of General Secretary Xi JinPing's visit to the United States and his talks with U.S. President Obama, there are some aspects the editor of "blueprint news" considers worth mentioning.


International Forum of People's Daily:
Addendum to "The Trip that Changed the World"

克里斯托弗·尼克松·考克斯 [written by] Christopher Nixon Cox

The first aspect is regarding how official Chinese media are evaluating that meeting. Today, June 8, semi-official People's Daily published a comment in Chinese that had been originally written in English by Christopher Nixon Cox, a New York lawyer and grandson of former U.S. president Richard Nixon. As Nixon was the first leader of his country to visit China's famous Chairman Mao ZeDong in February 1972, his grandson is now reminding that historic meeting which can be regarded as the beginning of a process leading to an opening of the People's Republic towards the West. That process finally turned China into a successful global player regarding, both, its political and economic influence.

Another aspect is regarding the perception of China as it appears in the view of U.S. citizens. It seems the American public meanwhile sees China as much as an ally or, at least, a "frenemy".

Even though there are political obstacles enough on the path of a future U.S. - Chinese cooperation, some common understanding of regional peace as a prerequisite for reaching both sides' similar economic goals might become the glue of such cooperation. Recent news on China reacting upon North Korean provocation (=> related blogspots) might be a first sign of political change as well as China's new adage of "Realizing the Chinese Dream" which should mean nothing else but an increase of personal wealth and domestic consumption in Mainland China, going together with an amelioration of working and living conditions for China's citizens.

The latest Gallup poll, at least, shows 55% of Americans asked think China is either an ally (11%) or a nation friendly to the United States (44%), while 40% say it is either unfriendly (26%) or an enemy (14%).
[Source: CNN on June 8, 2013]


Update for June 9 / 10, 2013:

Yesterday, June 8, U.S. National Security Advisor Tom Donilon informed reporters after the conclusion of the two-day summit on Friday and Saturday. He said "The discussions were positive and constructive, wide-ranging and quite successful in achieving the goals that we set forth for this meeting".

Cyber security and cyber issues, a "center of the relationship" between the world's largest economies, were one of the important topics when the two leaders had discussions on economic issues.

According to Donilon, the President made clear "the threat posed to our economic and national security by cyber-enabled economic espionage".

"The President underscored that resolving this issue is really key to the future of US-China economic relations. He asked President Xi to continue to look seriously at the problem that we've raised here," he said.

.......... Among other things, Donilon said the two leaders agreed that "North Korea has to denuclearise, that neither country will accept North Korea as a nuclear-armed state and that we would work together to deepen cooperation and dialogue to achieve denuclearization."

The two sides stressed the importance of continuing to apply pressure both to halt North Korea's ability to proliferate and to make clear that its continued pursuit of nuclear weapons is incompatible with its economic development goals, he said.

[Source: Indian Express, New Delhi, on June 9, 2013]

Cyber Attacks - According to the White House, the Chinese acknowledged the problem, agreed to investigate and work out "rules of the road".
"I believe we can work together on this rather than at cross-purposes," Obama said.

Climate change - For the first time, China agreed to work with the United States to limit the production of greenhouse-gases.

[Source of additional information: CNN on June 10, 2013]


A visitor to "blueprint news" coming from the "Favelas" of Rio de Janeiro and who is interested in the Arabic revolution:


Xi Jin Ping while visiting Latin America [found] Sun Zi's
"Art of War" on a Latin American bestseller [bookshelf].

Xi Jin Ping said he found the Portuguese edition of Sun Zi's "Art of War" in an automat selling books while riding on a Sao Paulo railway during his visit to Brazil.

[Source: China News Network 中国新闻网 on June 8, 2013]


Korea related news from Al-Jazeera on June 10, 2013:

Two Koreas Preparing Talks

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