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Iran - Pro-Assad Terrorism ?

طالب المرشد الأعلى الإيراني آية الله علي خامنئي قوة فيلق القدس التابعة للحرس الثوري الإيراني بالتكثيف من عملياتها الإرهابية ضد الغرب وحلفائه، وذلك لدعمهم المعارضة السورية التي تطالب برحيل الرئيس بشار الأسد

Iran's Supreme Guide [of Islam] Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered the [Al-Quds brigade] attached to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to concentrate their terrorist operations against the West and its allies [because of] their assistance of the Syrian confrontation which is demanding an emigration of president Bashar al-Assad.

ووفق ما نقلته صحيفة "التلغراف" عن المخابرات الغربية، فإن خامنئي دعا لاجتماع سري مع مجلس الأمن القومي الإيراني في طهران لمناقشة تقرير حول الآثار المترتبة على إيران جراء قلب نظام الحكم في سوريا

[It should be] agreed not to [spread this via] the journal "Telegraph" to Western intelligence agencies. Then, Khamenei called for a reunion of the [brigades] with the Iranian National Security Council in Tehran for discussing a decision on what [consequences] to take on the part of Iran concerning an overthrow of the ruling system in Syria.

[Source: Al-Arabiya, Arabic website, on August 22, 2012]

There are lots of comments given by readers of the Al-Arabiya article. One of them came to my attention because it compares the situation in the Arab world with that of South-East Asia where the most populated Islamic states can be found:

كثير من الدول الاسلاميه غير عربيه مثل ماليزيا و اندنوسيا و غيرها لاكن لم ينصب لهاالعداء مثل ماينصب لايران اذن المشكله ليست قوميه بل هيه مذهبيه صرفه

Many non-Arabic but Islamic countries like Malaysia and Indonesia as well as others didn't install the contradictions [in their inside] like Iran did install them. Furthermore, the difference [between those countries and Iran] is not in nationalism but in ideological morphology.

Background Information on Iran:
Report from the Arabic / English magazine "Akhbar al-Aan أخبار الآن" in Dubai on April 17, 2012.

Iranian officials observed North Korean rocket launch

" The Telegraph newspaper said that information and data revealed a clue on the cooperation between North Korea and Iran. The Telegraph also reported that Iranian officials were present in North Korea last week to witness the failed rocket launch.

The high-profile rocket launch, which took place to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of North Koreas founder, was reportedly attended by 12 officials from the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHID). The organization, which is the subject of a number of international sanctions, attended in order to witness the launch at first hand, according to Yonhap news agency reports. The Iranians undoubtedly were there to observe the missile launch and receive test data from North Korea.

News of North Koreas guests from Iran is likely to cast the spotlight onto the suspected relationship between the two nations in terms of the exchange of ballistic missile technology, and the nuclear files. US President Barak Obama threatened with more sanctions against Iran in case talks between biggest countries and Iran ended this week, remained in its place. Obama expressed his stand in refusing the Iranian attempts to delay and exploit talks to gain time, Obama added that he made this clear to Iran and negotiating parties.

The failed missile launch received a wide international denunciation while Iranian participation stirs many questions about how much Iran is serious in keeping its nuclear program peaceful, and the reasons that made many Iranian experts attend the failed missile experience in North Korea. "

Al-Jazeera's news on Israel's military preparations
[Report from August 20, 2012]:

موفاز يطلب عقد لقاء مع رئيس الحكومة الإسرائيلية لبحث نوايا الأخير تجاه الملف النووي الإيراني

Mofaz requires a [formal] meeting with Israel's prime minister for the study of plannings of the most extreme facing of Iran's nuclear [dossier => subject].

Editor's Note: Lt. General Shaul Mofaz, born in Tehran, is the current Chairman of the Kadima Party which is the largest party by seats in the current Knesset. As a former Chief of the General Staff and in other high-ranking military positions he has very much influenced the development of Israel's military in the past decade. In his actual political position he could now become an important partner to prime minister Netanyahu when it comes to a nuclear attack against Iran.

الجيش الإسرائيلي ينشر صواريخ القبة الفولاذية في مدينة إيلات على البحر الأحمر

Israeli forces deploy missiles "Dome of Steel" in the town of Eilath at the Red Sea.

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