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East Asia - Who is Ruling the Sea ?

A Chinese website in the frame of People's Network is dealing with the subject of Japan and America striving for hegemony in the East China Sea. This site is referring to joint manoeuvres of Japanese and U.S. naval units from August 21 until September 26, 2012. It is maintained by two reporters of China's People's Daily. One of them is reporting from the U.S.A. and the other from Japan.

Title of Website:


Fighting to Seize Islands - Joint Manoeuvres of Japan and the U.S.

Title of the above picture:

美日举行首次护岛军演 假设解放军攻占钓鱼岛

The first military exercise for the "protection of islands" staged by Japan and the U.S. and assumed to liberate Diaoyu Island from military occupation.

This website is including different articles. The main article on August 21 has been checked and partly translated:


People's Daily: The U.S.-Japanese fighting to seize islands is putting on display a used brand.


[While they are] fully aware of that "used brand", yet being on terms of intimacy and buzzing with activity, should all that what actually happens [only] be meant to excite China's tactical cleverness and [its] missing strategic self-confidence ? Japan and the U.S., both, are most probably knowing [the answer] in their innards !


North Korea immediately reacted on the joint manoeuvres of Japan, South Korea and the U.S., renouncing the military drill near its territory.

According to NHK World in Japan, North Korean TV said:

" The drill is the most serious act of destruction of the armistice of the Korean War. We are ready to use force and take physical counteraction to safeguard our sovereignty. "

Only some days ago, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un had visited an island disputed between North and South Korea (photo below). [Source: Japan's NHK World TV on August 21, 2012]

On August 20, Al-Jazeera reported the death of a Japanese journalist:

مراسل الجزيرة: مقتل صحفية يابانية في قصف مدفعي على حي سليمان في حلب

A reporter of Al-Jazeera [says] that a female Japanese journalist died during the artillery shelling of Saliman neighbourhood in Aleppo.

The following day, August 21, Japan's NHK World TV identified her as Mika Yamamoto, a 45 year old journalist working for an independent Japanese news agency. Her father said she was there to report on women and children in need in the combat zones of Syria.

Footnote on Syria: Assad's Chemical Weapons

Today, U.S. President Obama directed a severe warning towards Syria that any use or relocation of chemical weapons would cause an adequate reaction of the United States. Such is the U.S. reaction on Assad's decision to apply such weapons in case of any interference of foreign troops in his country. As to the chemical agent Sarin, probably used in Syrian grenades and missiles, an earlier blogspot of mine has already dealt with that subject.

Another "Postcard" from Washington D.C.:

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