Monday, May 21, 2012

Maritime Incident between North Korea and China

Chinese daily reporting on the arrest of Chinese fishermen by North Korea [Source: NHK Japanese TV]

The arrest of 29 Chinese fishermen by North Korean forces could serve to prove how unpredictable the regime in Pyongyang really is. As the Democratic Republic of North Korea has been continuously fostered by China since it came into being, it sounds strange that such incident could ever happen. After China decided to deliver an answer to Pyongyang and that should not have hurt too much, North Korea announced the "happy end" of that story:


"The North Korean side has stated that our fishing boats and boat crews that have been detained are already entirely released and [sent] back."

[Source: People's Network, May 20, 2012]

Meanwhile, the maritime incident of Huangyan Island in the South China Sea remains to be solved as territorial claims of, both, China and the Philippines have created a problem of general importance. For further information look at a related blogspot of mine.

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