Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elections in Egypt الانتخابات في مصر

Mubarak lurking from behind !

Today, about 50 million Egyptian voters are called to participate in the first democratic presidential elections while 300.000 members of police and armed forces are being deployed to provide secure proceedings. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has arrived in Kairo as an independent observer.

Al-Jazeera Arabic TV is continuously reporting from Kairo, Alexandria, Gizeh and other places while the unpredictable outcome of the elections will be overshadowed by severe differences within the Egyptian society, only to mention the influence of Islamist representatives who have been refused acceptance as legal candidates.

Polls did not start closing until 9:00 pm (1900 GMT) after authorities ordered a one-hour extension. A second day of polling is to be held on Thursday, with preliminary results expected on Sunday.

Views of Presidential Elections in Egypt:

لجان الاقتراع في مصر تغلق أبوابها في اليوم الأول من الانتخابات الرئاسية Voting [committees] in Egypt are closing their doors on the first day of the presidential elections.

فاروق سلطان
رئيس اللجنة العليا للإنتخابات الرئاسية في مصر
Farouk Suldan, president of the high commission [in charge of] the presidential elections in Egypt.

Acts of Violence on Election Day (May 23):

Headline of Al-Arabiya TV:
إغلاق مراكز اقتراع بمصر.. واشتباك بين أنصار مرشحين
ارتفاع عدد المصابين في انتخابات الرئاسة إلى 13 مصاباً

Voting centers in Egypt are closing, ... Washington is among the supporters [of the elections] ... Toll of victims [due to violence] during the presidential elections has risen to 13.

Image below: A damaged election poster for Amr Moussa, former secretary general of the Arab League and who gave up his position to take chances in the Egyptian elections. Nevertheless, he still seems to be one of the most appreciated candidates.

Same goes for Ahmed Shafiq (below), a former minister under Mubarak. He came under attack from protesters who threw stones and shoes at his convoy as he voted at a Cairo polling station.

During the first day of election one Cairo policeman was reported to be shot in a gunfight between followers of different candidates.

Competitors in the Presidential Elections:

(Top-Left to Right): Mohammed Mursi (Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party) , Abdel Moneim Abu al-Fatuh (Independent), Hamdeen Sabahi (Dignity Party).
(Bottom-Left to Right): Amr Moussa (Independent), Khaled Ali (Independent) and Ahmed Shafiq (Independent).

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