Sunday, May 13, 2012

Iran - Charges against " Zionist " Spies

Latest news by Al-Arabiya TV on May 13, 2012:

إيران تصدر أحكاماً على 13 متهماً بالتجسس لإسرائيل

Iran brings about charges against 13 [persons] accused of espionage for Israel.

جندهم جهاز "الموساد" للعمل عبر القنوات الفضائية لنشر الدعايات الكاذبة

They were recruited by the apparatus of "Mossad" for the operation of [satellite] channels in the propagation of fake propaganda.

أبلغت الشعبة 15 لمحكمة الثورة بطهران أحكاماً بحق 13 شخصاً بتهمة التجسس لصالح الكيان الصهيوني

Section 15 of the Revolutionary Tribunal [on behalf of the regime in] Tehran summoned [for justice] 13 people being accused of espionage in favour of Zionism.

Iranian Mossad Aide:
" Terrorist engaged in attack on fortunate hero [nuclear scientist] ".

[Source: German TV channel on May 12, 2012]

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