Saturday, February 04, 2012

German Chancellor in China

German chancellor Angela Merkel received much attention on her fifth visit to China (February 2-4, 2012). Chinese media reported abundantly about her meeting with president Hu JinTao and prime minister Wen JiaBao, and there are lots of photos being taken during her visit. People's Network even provided a separate website with all kind of information.

This being a sign of high esteem for Germany as a longstanding partner in trade, it should be specially noted.

Nevertheless, actual differences between both countries could not be solved by a simple visit during the Spring Festival when every Chinese is at high spirits. As soon as it comes to sanctions against Iran and Syria and that are being supported or even incited by the Merkel government, the actual Chinese position could not be expected to change so easily because of China's economic and security demands.

As there is an opinion forum included on the Chinese Merkel site, I have marked one entry that seems to be related to a private person who possibly speaks for any other Chinese of his age, even though one might suspect that young man being a member of the Communist Youth League. Here is what he says:

"The actual Merkel visit to China serves two purposes: First, dragging China to support the Euro zone passing the European debt crisis. Second, persuading China to join the ranks of Western imperialism in punishing Iran. The first mentioned item [succeeds] without saying, the latter item is impossible to [succeed]."

Rare view: German flag at Beijing's Tian An Men square, just at the entrance to the Forbidden City and facing an idealized portrait of Mao Tse Tung.

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